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  • De Blob - Review

    Your a blob who has crash landed in a city without color, you absorb people and gain their color. Paint the town and the landmarks to finish the game. There are also secret coins.

    The Blob or "De" Blob's game play is very simple, mouse1 is to jump, mouse 2 is the open your map and you move the mouse to move the Blob. It's definitely a casual game, don't expect hours of new and exciting game play out of this one. Sure its a new concept but it gets pretty old fast.

    The basic gameplay is you are a plain white blob, there are little people walking, dancing and doing normal things . You can absorb up to seven people with each one you grow in size. They each have a different color; Red, Yellow and Blue. It doesn't matter what color you paint normal buildings with, but amongst the city there are 17 landmarks. These require a specific color and certain size blob. Also scattered around are 50 "hidden" coins. These in turn don't affect your gameplay, they are just for collecting.

    I'm not sure if this is true yet, but when you paint an entire area of buildings you'll receive a reward of points and a huge explosion of color will burst from you, hitting everything around you.

    There are baddies in the game, they are called Inkt agents, they are the same as normal people but black. If you absorb one you won't get any score for painting a building and you need to get in some water to wash the color off.

    The blob is fun for about an hour or so, after that it gets pretty much the same thing. It is fun and cute. Watching the little people play guitar and skateboard around is great. Its available for free on the pc, and Nintendo have just announced they are releasing it for the Wii. I hope that more will be done with it, and not just released as is. I wouldn't pay anymore than $5-$10 for it. But if your looking for something casual simple to play, maybe something to keep kids entertained with its bright colors. This is your game.

    Download from:
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