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  • Dark Souls II

    Wow, words cannot describe how addictive and amazing this game is. Is anyone out there playing it?

    I am so close to the end, just have two major bosses to go and I am done. I have never raged so hard at a game, yet still come back for more. The entire game is the most beautifully designed piece of software I have ever experienced. If you have a PS3 or an Xbox 360, you owe yourself to play this. Especially if you played Demon's Souls, or Dark Souls I.

    It comes out on Steam in 5 days. I am considering getting it on my gaming PC just to experience it all over again in 60FPS and 1080P.

    A triumph of game design.

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    Heard nothing but good / addictive things about it, Mark Serrels over at Kotaku has been hitting it hard for 2 months and keeps going on about his addiction, and I have far too much in my backlog including partially played Demon Souls to dedicate the time for the moment. I also find due to the large backlog I resort far too quickly to external guides just to get through and onto the next game which ruins the enjoyment factor. Nothing like when you were a kid growing up and you'd get one game at christmas and one for your birthday per year and that was it so you mastered a game and finished it completely, lack of jobs etc help also

    Was interesting to note how he avoided all spoilers / walkthroughs playing as a purist but what finally had him stumped was missing talking to some random npc that was the trigger for another conversation to unlock the next bit of the game so talk to npcs!


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      Yeah, I've been wasting many hours on this game over the last month or so.

      I've just come across the Ancient Dragon. Oh man!

      I'm playing mainly as an archer with decent melee abilities... haven't even touched sorcery, hexes or miracles (I'll use them on my next playthrough).

      430 deaths!


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        You're about right where I am then

        Archer hey? Not common in DS to play ranged unless you rock magic. I am pure melee, no magic, no ranged. It's hair raising at times, so dangerous to always have to get in close. All the pro players go magic and watching them play is nothing short of demoralising. It makes me realise just how terrible I am.


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          Originally posted by namastepat View Post
          All the pro players go magic and watching them play is nothing short of demoralising.
          Yeah, all the discussion forums are full of talk on magic and it's almost like they are playing a different game entirely. I normally play all my RPG's as an archer, it's just a little quirk on my part.

          My best bow does between 200 and 400 damage per arrow depending on whether I use elemental arrows so I'm able to take down most enemies with a handful of shots but I've become a master at dodging and rolling when facing the bosses.

          I also like my halberds when going in for melee.

          I get the feeling that I miss a LOT of things along the way as my inventory is chock full of items that I've never used or even know what they are for but I've got this far so I can't be doing too badly.

          I haven't played Dark Souls 1 or Demon's Souls but I'll definitely move on to them after I finish DS2.


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            Yep, Dark Souls II is great, love a game that makes your heart race increase and has picturesque graphics and top game play, a game that makes your skin tingle/crawl and come alive....of course, each to their own...... Dark Souls Prepare To Die was outstanding but the grinding to get upgrades?????..........waited till the price dropped a little on DSII n' traded in some unwanted games at EB. Tried the wanderer.......not happy, couldn't get past the head gear with a monocle. Then tried a sorcerer and like the advantage of locking on and using soul arrows at a safe distance with some close melee for action with unknown results due to low strength and dexterity. 10 hours in and a long way to go, love it, if your in to RPG's it's worth every cent.......only my opinion, of course.


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