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  • WipEout

    I've been playing Wipeout HD Fury on the PS3 lately and I've got to say I love this series I really really do, it's the oldest Playstation series and still my absolute favourite .

    I've always loved combat racers since getting hooked on rock n roll racing on the megadrive and Wipeout is about as good as they get.

    This is the first Wipeout game I've played since Wipeout3 on the original playstation and so the fact that HD/Fury (Fury is an expansion) is just a rehash of two PSP games doesnt bother me, hopefully the next PS3 dedicated game is even better. The tracks have always been amazing and this one lives up to expectations, some of the drop offs and jumps are enough to give you vertigo.

    Best thing about the series is they got the balance so right with the first one and haven't wandered too far from it ever since. Sure the learning curve means it's not a game to just pick up and party play (particuarly if some can play and some cant) but the reward for learning the game is so worth it.

    I also like that this isn't about unlocking a heap of new racers where each one is better than the last. That works for the first playthrough but in the end everyone ends up using the one racer. In Fury all you unlock are a few different looking ships for each team (same stats), the advantage when all the ships are so even is that you can race with just about all of them. My only gripe would be with the Fury expansion they gave each team a new looking ship with upgraded stats which means all the HD ones are now outdated and to be honest I prefer a lot of the HD designs.

    The music is legendary, flying about gare d europa with The Prodigy's Firestarter blarring endlessly is definitely one of my favourite gaming moments but it's still a nice touch that you can now use you're own music if you're sick of the techno.

    The online racing also sounds great but I'm waiting till I stop bouncing off walls before I give that a crack, at the moment I'd be getting beaten by 10 yr olds from all over the world.

    I'm starting to think that a good long term project would be a dedicated Wipeout cabinet, all the games from the PS1 Wipeout right through to the PS3 maybe even bastardising Hoopsters Star Wars cabinet plans for that ultimate Wipeout experience.

    Anyway that's my rant about one of my favourite series, anyone else a fan?

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    Indeed! I have followed the series for a long time.

    I would rate HD Fury as the best entry in the series to date - although I also rate Wipeout 3 Special Edition very highly also.

    Pure and Pulse on the PSP were really well done, so if you own a PSP, they are worth tracking down and playing when on the go (or the TV is taken by someone else). Pure really got the series back on track after Fusion. I didn't hate Fusion, but it really just wasn't 'finished'.

    The online component is fantastic and keeps me going back for more constantly. Don't worry about being beaten, it's all about learning and since you build experience and awards as you go, you may as well get on there. It's satisfying when you are ranked low and beat someone ranked high

    If you like the music, you can buy most tracks individually via iTunes. I picked up Acetone, Night Dominator and Exceeder recently.
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      My mate who I used to play the PS1 games with came over last Friday and we had a 2 player bash. Heaps of fun though I coped a bit because he was never more than a few seconds behind me all night, I'd only had a few nights practice but the last time he played it was Wipeout3 on the PS1.

      But we use to play on a tiny litte ~12inch TV and so to play 2 player horizontal splitscreen on a 50inch widescreen plasma with cordless controlers and surround sound was awesome .


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        I think Wipeout HD is more forgiving than the PS1 versions, making it more accessible to players.

        I'm still waiting for my PS3 to come back from the repair shop. When it's back I could go a few online rounds with you Split screen can be frustrating - although better for smack talk
        Eschew the standard. Turn the paradigm upside down.


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          I always preferred the original, the second was good but I did like the fact that when you stuffed up in the first you stopped dead, none of the sliding along the rails.

          Edit: Got a copy of Wipeout for the Saturn, some parts seem a little strange compared to the PS1 version. Still fun and doesnt look too bad on a 37" LCD. Found a use for a crappy Pyrod 37". Now to test a SMS on it via analogue tuner.
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