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Bomberman Blast Review by Arsenic Hipster

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  • Bomberman Blast Review by Arsenic Hipster

    Review by Arsenic Hipster

    Name: Bomberman Blast
    Manufacturer: Hudson Soft
    System: Nintendo WiiWare
    Release date: September 2008
    Cost: 1000 Wii Points, approx $15 depending how much you buy the points for.

    Gameplay video from GameTrailers [ame=""] - Bomberman Blast - Boomtastic Gameplay[/ame]
    Screen shots from IGN.

    Bomberman Blast is the new Bomberman game recently released through the Nintendo WiiWare service. The game is essentially a bomberman game with only battle mode playing against computer controlled opponents or other people. Lets face it that's the best way to play bomberman. Games can have up to 8 players on the one machine using 4 Wiimotes turned sideways like a NES controller & 4 Gamecube controllers. Online games also support up to 8 players and can even have as many as 4 people join in using the same console. So even with online multiplayer you won't miss out on the cheers or howls of rage while playing with friends. Players can select from 10 different taunts/action poses for their bomberman, setup in game messages and unlock the ability to use Miis as game characters.

    Game modes are:
    Classic- Everyone is let loose on the map in a frantic effort to blow the others up and be the last bomber standing.
    Team - Up to 4 teams, Players work together to defeat the others.
    Countdown - Getting caught in an explosion places a timer over your head giving you 20 seconds to live. The counter can be passed on to other players or you can buy yourself some more time by bombing others.
    King - A crown is placed on the map for players to grab, bombing the king causes them to drop it. Whoever has it when the time runs out wins.
    Air Raid - No destructible walls and no way to drop bombs. Players move around the map avoiding the bombs that randomly drop from the sky.
    Surprise - Randomly selects a mode, map and game settings.

    Ten maps are available ranging from Classic which offers a mixture of open spaces and destructible blocks between the unbreakable ones. Open Field consists of only destructible blocks with nothing to block blasts. The other maps all modify play in some way such as having all characters running at top speed, arrows that redirect kicked bombs, squares that block players but not explosions, volcanoes that cause bombs to have a 5x5 square blast area, zombie hands that stun players and even a ufo that allows you to fly over the map dropping bombs.

    Most of the usual powerups from super Bomberman appear as blocks are destroyed or players killed. These include items that increases/decrease speed, number or bombs and blast radius. The ability to kick or throw bombs and drop all bombs in a line. Others modify bomb behaviour to penetrate through several destructible blocks, bounce when kicked or explode over a 5x5 square area. I did notice that the remote controlled bombs from other games are not present in this one but several new powerups are. Unlike the others they are activated by shaking the Wiimote or the shoulder buttons on Gamecube controllers.
    Disguise - Allows a player to disguise themselves as a bomb.
    Rocket - Allows you to shoot up into the air avoiding explosions.
    Shield - Allows you block blasts from the direction you are facing.
    As in previous games the Skull icon gives the player a random effect such as dramatically increased/decreased speed, inability to stand still, reversed controls, diarrhoea, constipation or short/long fuses. Contact with another player also infects them with the same thing.

    The game settings allows you to select the number or rounds, time limits, random or fixed start points. Other options are:
    Skull Items on or off.
    Battle Type - Decide winner by number or rounds or accumulated points over all rounds.
    Pressure Blocks - Where revenge players are removed and the playfield becomes progressively smaller in the last 30 seconds of play.
    Revenge - Dead players circle the playfield throwing bombs, killing another player allows them to swap places and re-enter the game.
    Items - Items are either destroyed by blasts or fireproof and moved around.

    Online games consist of either ranked multiplayer with fixed settings or using friend codes the it can be customised to your preference. So far I've only been able to play ranked games, for these you can look for players from the same continent or worldwide. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to give you a choice as to how many players the game should have, it just starts with whatever is available within a certain time frame. If a game is in progress with less than 8 players it gives you a bomb dodging minigame to amuse you while you wait to join in, even then you don't have to wait long most games are 2 rounds at 2 mins each. Game mode and level selection consists of each player making a choice then the computer makes the final selection from those at random. At the end of a game players are told how many players are available for the next game and given the option to continue playing.

    Online play has been mostly trouble free, I have been disconnected from a couple of games due to lag but only when a round has finished. Another seemed to glitch out after two players survived explosions that they shouldn't have, I had to reset the machine when the round wouldn't end despite the clock running out. Occasionally a game seems to slowdown or lag, mostly this is noticeable when dropping bombs from the edge of the map, you will kill a player but they will continue to move around for another half second or so before you trade places (sometimes swapping just as they've gotten themselves cornered knocking you out of the game as soon as you've rejoined). This problem may be on my end, I've mostly been playing games against opponents worldwide and our internet isn't very fast. On one occasion other computers were trying to use the connection at the same time which didn't help. The biggest problem is finding a game, on some occasions I've been waiting for 5 mins or more only to end up in a 1 on 1 game and continent games have never had more then 3 players. Once in a game waiting for players becomes less of a problem since continuing a game avoids having to look for others and anyone waiting to play gets added. Even when starting with a 1 on 1 game I find that by the 3rd game you will have 7 or 8 players. The fast paced and chaos of of the game already causes it but making it easier to continue playing than start to again adds yet another reason for "Just one more game".

    Japan has received both the WiiWare version and a disc release of the game that includes a complete single player campaign, 2 extra multiplayer maps and twice as many action poses for characters. So far it is unknown if the disc version will be released elsewhere let alone how long it might take. Either way this version gets you the part of the game with the most replayability and fun at a lower cost and is well worth it.
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