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  • My Friend Pedro

    I've been having a lot of fun with this game - My Friend Pedro. It's a side scrolling, 2.5d shooter.

    Lots of insane action, think John Woo / John Wick with skateboards and motorbikes, pure arcade action.

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    I didn't relise it had been released!


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      I've nearly finished this now, just the final area to go "The Internet" and it's been a trip.

      I've not liked a shooter for many years. but this is the best shooter I've played since i don't know what. The action, the change-up levels of motorbike, skateboard, free-fall. It's like Elevator action and The Matrix had a baby and called him Pedro.

      Just get it if you like platforming shooters with mega-violence and a crazy Ninja killfest. Gibs galore.

      Unbelievably, i couldn't find a Molly Meme. so i made one


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