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original xbox dvd drive. sources?

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  • original xbox dvd drive. sources?

    I have a number of xboxes now, which is funny because I never thought I'd be interested, but I quite dig them now! Anyway, the one I'm currently using has a dvd drive that works intermittently. I have one other good xbox. I bought a memory card (seems a bit uncommon for some reason) and have backed up my saves I care about. Phew! Thing is, the three spare xboxes, with all their different faults, all also have slow or flaky disk drives.

    Just wondering if there is a good source of disk drives for repair. I'd like to keep two xboxes running well
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    Classic Xbox I image you are talking about?. If this is the case I have about 15 that are modded and miles of spares.

    Maybe send me a P.M.


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      Originally posted by Autosteve View Post
      Classic Xbox I image you are talking about?. If this is the case I have about 15 that are modded and miles of spares.

      Maybe send me a P.M.
      Hi have you got any v1.4 boards. Mine is dead.

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        I love my origional modded xbox still the main console. I use in the shed love coinops and Sid Mires Pirates
        I should get a spare one day but figure there are heaps around still
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          Got 4 working and a few more for parts (dead motherboards due to RAM upgrade failures)

          Also can offer softmod stuff (Reader with exploit and game) on a mail in and out service)


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            If the drive isn't ejecting or closing reliably, it is the drive belt. You can clean it with metho or replace it. Take the removed rubber belt to an "O" ring supplier....blackwoods etc and buy a replacement.

            If the drive is having trouble reading discs, it is the laser. Chances are it has dust on it that can be cleaned with metho on a cotton bud. Very little metho to make the bud slightly damp, put the bud on the laser and spin the bud. Let it dry and give that a go.

            I have opened and serviced many Xboxes and can tell you seeing 5mm of dust inside the machine was not unusual. They are a vacuum cleaner that love to suck dust inside. Just one speak of dust in the right place on that laser and the signal is defused resulting in disc read errors.

            Just a tip...If your good you can clean the laser face through the open disc tray and on some models of DVDrives, (there were 4 different types), you can clean the drive belt as well.

            Better to pull the machine apart and the DVDrive lid off to do the job properly but quite often you can get the result the easy way.


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              Also some lithium grease did wonders for me!


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