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NES Cart Hard Drive Case

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  • NES Cart Hard Drive Case

    Here is a really low tech mod, but I am very happy with the results. I got the inspiration from here I did mine slightly differently by sticking in the hard drive plus a complete enclosure, rather than just the hard drive + USB adapter. The end result is a lot neater and sturdier.

    I started out with a NES Mario Bros cartridge.

    Removed any bits with a rotary grinding wheel that get in the way of the hard drive. I measured and centred the hard drive enclosure and only cut away what I neeed in the bottom of the case where the edge connecter would normally stick out. This makes it a nice firm fit. If you look hard I have put a small red mark on a bit of plastic in the case which is in the exact spot to give the hard drive enclosure support on one side and keep it lined up in the centre.

    Here is the hard drive enclosure & hard drive. The enclosures are cheap as on eBay - just do a search to find plenty.

    At this stage puting the cartridge back together is a good tight fit, but the hard drive does need some support.

    Using a hot glue gun I put just a bit of glue under the enclosure, and a bit either side to give enough extra support to hold it in place. The good thing about using hot glue in places like this is later on, if the hard drive dies and I need to get the enclosure out, with a bit of effort and a knife if necessary you can remove the glue totally without wrecking anything.

    And here is the finished product

    You can see the drive sticks out the bottom a bit, but it actually looks really good!

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    thats a very cool mod end result is very clean, might poach the idea for my wii drive
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