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Megadrive 1 5 pin DIN to RGB SCART??


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  • Megadrive 1 5 pin DIN to RGB SCART??

    Hey all,

    So I've finished an RGB mod on my TV and was super excited to hook up my megadrive and test it out.
    Unfortunately my unit is 5 pin DIN and I'm struggling to find a pinout let alone info on whether it actually supports an RGB connection.

    Anyone able to assist?

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    Looks like your Mega Drive perhaps had the port replaced with a 5-pin one? They’re usually 8-pin. I’m fairly sure no model came from the factory like that. I suspect your unit might have been oddly modded for some reason to just be composite over 5-pin? Perhaps to be compatible with a more common cable?


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      Hi, the Megadrive 1 composite AV lead would probably only have a 5 pin DIN plug,

      - so if the socket has been replaced at some point they may have just used a 5 pin PCB mounting socket leaving the remaining PCB pads unused.

      It may be possible to desolder the 5 pin socket and just fit a new 8 pin one but obviously you will need to double check and order one which will fit so not an immediate solution unfortunately.

      Regards, John

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        Cheers guys.. I'm fairly certain this machine hasn't been modified but who really knows I guess.


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