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OG Xbox - HDMI connection

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  • OG Xbox - HDMI connection

    Ive just bought an original Xbox and am going to softmod it.

    First consideration is how to connect it from composite to HDMI ? Ive watched a few Youtube videos,but it seems its a bit mode difficult on the Euro/ Aus Xbox as the setting were locked on 420p ?

    The was a cable mentioned worth buying

    Should this do the trick ?

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    Can't comment on that specific cable, but unless this is the only old console you're planning to hook up to a modern TV, I'd probably just go ahead and drop the money on something like a retrotink, OSSC, or a framemeister. I have an OSSC and it works great with an Aussie Xbox (hardmodded) and my cheap Aldi-special 4k TV. The OSSC sucks if you have other consoles that aren't RGB/component, or if you have a TV intolerant of the clock jitter the SNES and it's ilk put out, but otherwise works excellently (if a bit steep in price and doesn't present well on a shelf).


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