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  • Xbox 360 To Pc Case

    Ive had my 360 since it came out. Recently ive been having all sorts of problems with 2red lights (0verheating)

    So ive decieded to keep it nice and cool by sticking it in a Pc case adding big ass fans onto the heat sinks, and replacing all the thermal paste with some better Arctic ice.

    Ive ordered The pc case and thermal paste today, ive allready got all the fans and stuff lying around.

    Today seeing as im still waiting for stuff to arrive i put in a longer Pc sata cable for the dvd drive and snipped and extended the power cable from about 10cms to 60now so i can mount it seperatly in the case.

    Ive currently got the Dvd drive sitting out side the case and i can allready see huge differnce. Before i could for about 20-30mins and get 2 red rings. and ive just played it for well over an hour with no problems

    So stuff left to do

    Solder up Hdd to sit seperatly
    Replace thermal paste on Cpu and the second chip under a heatsink(graphics chip?)
    Add fans to heatsinks
    Mount in pc case
    Install power switches edject etc

    Heres a quick pic of the cable extension i made.

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    I never had an overheating problem with the 360. Tho i am mind full this and the PS3 get hot (PS3 gets very hot) I have them in an open well ventilated TV cabinet.
    My first 360 i bought on the 2day they where released, It started to suffer the 3 red rings of death last year and slowly got worse and worse until i couldn't get it to boot.

    In the end i managed to get it working by heating up the 360's motherboard in a convection microwave for 20 odd mins watching for any signs of melting plastic (NONE) @180c then removing and blasting the CPU and GPU with a heatgun for a period and applying pressure to the chips, The solder joints crack with fluctuations in temperatures. (is suspect this was on hot days when i had the AC on as this is when the 3ROD would happen most often or the next day).

    Once working again i took it the EBGames and used it on a trade-in deal they had on the "new" PS3 40gb model at the time and bought a new 360 from DiskSmith which has been trouble free.
    Tho i do keep the 360 up off the cabinet with 4x empty 20 spindle DVDR+DL tubs under to help keep the bottom of the case cool as thats where the motherboard is.

    Will be nice to see how your case comes out just the same.


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      Yea, there a few people that have done that. There is a lian case that is actually designed for the xbox 360. Maybe looking at that case will give you some idea how to do some of the set up for things like the hdd


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