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Does anyone PlayStation 2 i.Link Games?


Any brand of Game Consoles, hacks , mods, tips , or anything ya like...

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  • Does anyone PlayStation 2 i.Link Games?

    Hey everyone,

    Just wondering whether anyone on here has a PlayStation 2 i.Link setup?

    This basically allows you to play games like Time Crisis 2 / 3 and Gran Turismo 3 across two screens, giving you a bit of an arcade feel.

    Below is what my setup looks like so far, with the Tokyo Road Race game. I am currently waiting on a few things from ebay, to be able to play Time Crisis 2 / 3 in this setup!

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    I'm new to Playstation 2, only used the console for the first time a few months ago. Didn't know you could link them. I got a 4 pin Firewire cable just recently and linked two consoles with Gran Turismo 3, worked great. Will have to try other games when I get a chance.


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      Thought about it numerous times, and even have the 2 ps2's and network cards etc to make it happen. Just have not has the time.

      One day...

      Nice setup and photo


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