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DIY Nintendo Boxes

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    I'd be keen to see a photo of some someone have actually made to completion. It won't give the full experience I guess, but it'd be interesting to see.
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      when i eventually get around to having my missing boxes printed out, I'll take photos.

      Its going to depend also on how the first platform boxes turn out (just making N64 boxes to start) if they turn out well, I might make boxes for all my loose snes (depending on time and cost) I have about 150 loose snes carts @_@

      At the moment though im thoroughly enjoying doing some touchup work on some of the nintandbox resources.

      currently cleaning up a scan of yoshis story n64. should be sharing it later tonight


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        So regarding the repro art. The site nintando rejected my touch ups.
        Pretty discouraging ...

        I never got around to printing any of them yet.

        I did make and print some sick art work for my arcade unit tho -

        Edit: i had the arcade art done at officeworks in the end, i think if i get the box art printed there it'd turn out just as good


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