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PSP 3.10 Can be downgraded?!?!

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  • PSP 3.10 Can be downgraded?!?!

    Just come back from the market and was talking to one of the modders there. I have been thinking about getting a PSP but I want to be able to downgrade to play homebrew etc.
    This dude insisted it could be done without a mod. Even the latest version.
    I have read around the net and keep hitting a brick wall where the last downgradable model was 3.02.

    Whats the story? Anyone know if this is true or how it could be done?
    Thanks to all.

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    i il be there if it exists


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      WIth the latest updates there's no need to down grade it...
      I'm on 3.30 OE A

      So it runs the latest 3.30 firmware and also steps down 1.5 for home brew if needed..
      Although to install the modded firmare (if yours it not modded) you'll have to downgrade it, then when on 1.5 apply the latest modded firmware..
      There are packages that do it all for you thezse days


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