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New Dreamcast (and Neo Geo) games on the way!

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  • New Dreamcast (and Neo Geo) games on the way!

    3 new Dreamcast (and 1 Neo geo) games are coming, and they're all shmups! YAY!

    1) Last Hope:
    [ame=""]YouTube - Last Hope (NGDEV Team)[/ame]

    I'm *really* excited about this one. It started as a indi/homebrew project for Neo Geo AES. Support on the forums was huge, and it prompted the developers to release it for NeoGeo CDROM and Dreamcast as well.

    It's back to the old days of R-Type and Pulstar. Good old fashioned horizontal shmupping at it's best. I do hope these kids go on to make some more games.

    2) Karous:
    [ame=""]YouTube - Karous[/ame]

    Japanese for "Crow", this is the next game from Milestone whose previous title was Radirgy (Radilgy). Gameplay looks similar, but a little "darker" graphics. Word from is that the beta was too easy, but Milestone took it back to toughen it up a little.

    3) Trigger Heart Exelica:
    [ame=""]YouTube - Trigger Heart Exelica[/ame]

    Don't know much about this one. It reminds me a little of G-Darius where you get to "capture" enemies and chuck them at other enemies.

    And remember, if you want to play Japanese/US DC games on an Aussie Dreamcast, you'll need one of two things:

    1) Utopia boot CD - Free off the net (if you can't find it, PM me). Downside is that it won't let you play foreign DC games on a hi-res VGA monitor! It only works on low-res SCART monitors or low-res S-Video/RCA TVs.

    2) DC-X boot disk - available from Play-Asia and others for a few bucks:

    This is the only legal boot disk available for Dreamcast, and it will allow play of US/JAP games on an Aussie console in VGA mode.
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    Thats sweet..
    After reading the forums and seeing this , I now want to get a DreamCast to hook into my Candy....



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      everyone needs to get their dc hooked into their candy!!!!! it's essential! either that or its just really fun to play the games on it.


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        The *only* way to play Dreamcast is through an arcade cabinet (preferably high res).

        My current MAME cabinet with VGA monitor is going to be Dreamcastified. Can't wait to play Last Hope on that puppy!

        I think I need a second Dreamcast dedicated to vertical shooters as well. That way I don't have to drag the one machine around the gamesroom constantly.
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          my mate played some trigger heart when we were in japan seemed quite cool also saw some japanese guys playing it was pretty popular. Gameplay seemed good and graphics seemed beautiful so im expecting good things from it.


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            hmm, almost makes me want to put my DC in an arcade cab! (too bad I dont have any spare cabs
            BEEP BEEP Richie! They ALL float down here. When your down here with us, you'll float too!


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              Just got an email from Play-Asia saying my copy of Last Hope has been shipped. Should be here mid next week. Yay!
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                Will DC-X boot disk also let you play games that won't play via VGA?

                Got my DC hooked up to my Candy Cab, now I'm finding a shit load of games won't work in VGA mode


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                  Originally posted by Savage View Post
                  Will DC-X boot disk also let you play games that won't play via VGA?

                  Got my DC hooked up to my Candy Cab, now I'm finding a shit load of games won't work in VGA mode
                  There are only 3-4 games that won't do VGA. I know for certain that JoJo's Bizzare Venture and Gunbird are 2 of them.

                  DC-X will allow DC originals to play in VGA mode if the original game supported it. You can buy DC-X from Play-Asia for about $20. Very worthwhile if you play a lot of imports.

                  The Utopia Boot CD will not allow games to work in VGA mode. If you are using non-self-boot backups and using Utopia to boot them, VGA is disabled.

                  You need to use proper self-boots, or the DC-X to get VGA. Utopia is no good.

                  Can you list for me some of the games you are having problems with?
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                    As soon as I'm back home I'll list the games..
                    Basically I was sorting ones that worked to the ones that don't (for Candy Cab)...

                    I'll have to sort the ones that don't work into *can't play in VGA *need anologue input *Don't boot

                    I tried the Utopia Boot disc, but it doesn't work itself in VGA mode..


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                      I got a hacked version of utopia boot disk that will allow you to run some games on the vga that arent suppose to.......i havent tested yet, let me burn and go and play with it and ill post my results shortly....


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                        I have a copy of Utopia for my import games, and up until a few months back was only playing on a TV (my big VGA monitor was busy being used somewhere else).

                        Now that I've cleaned up the games room, I'm back on VGA and can't play my imports.

                        I ordered "Trigger Heart Exileena" from Play-Asia about a fortnight back, and they offered DC-X in the bundle for US$8. For that price, I chucked it in. Now I'll finally be able to play VGA Under Defeat! Woo!

                        So far all of the downloady self-boots I have work in VGA mode. Haven't come across one yet that baulked (again, excluding JoJo, which never supported VGA in the original anyway).
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                          gigawing 2 is one that doesnt, thats my test game


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                            Originally posted by merchant View Post
                            gigawing 2 is one that doesnt, thats my test game
                            Works fine here on my copy (selfboot backup). Full VGA brilliance. I play that one regularly on the VGA monitor.

                            Great shooter too. Medal volcano ahoy!
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                              oops, my's gunbird 2 that doesnt work


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