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    well heres mine on a friday night with too many beers
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    OI! No feet on the table !!!
    ...maybe, but then again "maybe" covers a lot of things, like: maybe Michael Jackson really is LaToya in drag, or maybe if Dorothy clicks her heels 3 times and says "There's no place like home" while she is at home, she would telefrag herself..." - MadMikeAU

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      When I eventualy finish my shed I will post some pics I just thought of a name MR Arcade King has SHITCADE I will name mine BARCADE to go with the 3 taps that pour the homebrew goodness AHHHHHH my cup runneth over all to often
      The best action is wrist action!!!!!!


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        yeah I had the homebrew set up at my last house, only 2 taps tho, moved house and the water restrictions here in Toowoomba make me feel guilty when brewing. Coopers brewmaster for the win.


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