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  • Commodore CDTV

    HI Guys,
    Cleaning up my stuff lately and found my CDTV and few roms. Are these things worth anything? Has a infrared controller, external floppy drive too.

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    I wouldnt mind one for my collection. How big is it? I remember them being like VCR size
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      Pretty close to VCR size, looks more like a professional DVD Player


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        I have never seen one of these or did know it existed till tonight. I see on ebay some of the accessories are in demand


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          Interesting, here's what a setup looks like

          Mine of course is only the main unit, and infrared controller. I remeber getting it, and found it hard to get a keyboard, and the end never got a keyboard and lost interest...

          Hmmm, ebay may be the way to go!


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