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Rpi In A Xbox Classic Slim

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  • Rpi In A Xbox Classic Slim

    Been stuffing around with RPis lately as media centers, I love media centers. I wanted something to put all the parts I use with the RPi board in one easy to transport case and I had an Xbox classic case I converted to a slim a couple of years ago but never finished it. Most of the modded slim parts were already made so that makes it easy.
    This is what I'm up to. It's all been tested and working fine. Just in the process of getting it in the most suitable parts placement positions.

    There is a 240 to 12vDC power supply that has the same two pin input plug as the Xbox had. Top right corner.

    12volt to 5vDC 5amp power supply. Little red board below mains power supply.

    Relay and lamp driver board. Middle of picture.

    RPi board. RPi model B+ running OSMC.

    A couple of hardware mods I have done to the RPi board...
    Reset /start button attached to reset pinholes on board. This wakes the program from sleep and also reboots the processor should the RPi lockup.

    Relay control wire from GPIO pin 14. This wire drives the 5vDC relay and the front Xbox light to indicate RPi is not in standby mode via transistor on relay board. The relay switches 5vDC directly from the 5vDC power supply that goes to the GPIO pin 2. I found feeding 5vDC into this pin boosts the current the USB ports on the RPi can handle allowing USB hard drives to be plugged in directly to the RPi. It also stops the OSMC power symbol from ever appearing like it was prior to this mod and greatly increases the speed of OSMC. It also boosts the 5vDC available from the GPIO 5vDC pins. Relay switches off when RPi goes into sleep mode.

    Soldered a wire directly to the the RPi "Activity LED" driver transistor emitter terminal . Transistor can handle more than enough to drive two LEDs, one is on the RPi board and one external that will go in the Xbox case. This LED flashes whenever the RPi is reading or writing to the SD card so providing this LED is not flashing if you turn the power off to the RPi, it will never corrupt the SD card. This is the main reason I take the time to put an "Activity LED" on the outside of the case where I can see it.

    IR receiver wire goes to GPIO pin 18. Supply wires for IR receiver go to GPIO pin 1 (3.3v) and pin 9 (ground) IR receiver is mounted behind LCD clock display. IR signal goes straight through the LCD.

    None of these hardware mods have required any software mods to get them to work.

    Back of Xbox case showing mains cable socket ( left), HDMI port (middle) and internet wired port ( right)


    Front USB ports..Dremelled the original Xbox ports out and epoxied in USB ports. The right side Xbox ports on the other side of case removed as a clock goes in the Xbox face where the right Xbox ports were. Clock is battery powered so time isn't lost when console is unplugged but clock backlighting is powered off 5vDC power supply.


    This is what I'm up to. Both Xbox internal trays, ( cut down to suit slim case), put in to check clearances. All fine so far with minor mods. The left tray will support the 2TB USB hard drive, ( it will go there to balance out the weight of the console) with a USB cable going to one of the two unused RPi ports.

    Xbox case is already painted red, clock is set in Xbox face plate. Got OSMC working great off a Xbox 360 remote, IR keyboard or wired keyboard or mouse but haven't got around to getting a wireless 360 controller configured yet.

    Got a couple of questions though.
    Should I install CoinOps or RetroPi as a games program for this machine?.

    To install either should I partition the SD card, one partition for OSMC and the other for either RetroPi or CoinOPs and use a boot select app on the RPi to choose media center or games on machine bootup or should I just install the gaming program on the hard drive and source the games through OPSM?

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    Progress is happening. ON Led is the original Xbox button leds and the lower original on off button now is the RPi "activity" Led. Original Xbox DVD drawer button is now the ON, Reset button.

    Got a question, is it possible to use a laptop DVDrive with an RPi?. I can see settings for such a device in OSMC.

    I also have a Seagate laptop thin SSHD 500GB hard drive. It has a harness so Sata cable, and power wires, (red, black, yellow, black). I want to use this HDD in the next Xbox /RPi machine but would like to know exactly what adapter I need to get it to run in an RPi. I imagine a USB will take care of the sata cable but can't find an adapter to suit the sata cable in the harness to USB. It looks like it's a laptop sata plug designed to plug directly to the laptop's board. Couple of pictures of the HDD and harness....



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      Couldnt you use a cheap usb enclosure for the sata drive. Only about 7 bucks or so on ebay
      you can always expect change in life..except from vending machines


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        Progress is continuing with this project. Interest is pretty high, need to make a couple now.
        I'm wondering if someone can help with a couple of software mods though. In need to get the original Xbox large button to work as the start button and also the soft close down button when the program OSMC is running. Input off one of the unused GPIO pins Can someone help with that part of software?.
        One other piece of softwqare I need some help with is I want to allocate an unused GPIO pin ( Pin 23 would be ideal ), as a activity LED extension. I'm happy with the RPi's board activity LED, I just want one that is visible from outside the Xbox case. Basically pin 23 goes HIGH when the board activity LED is on.
        Specs of the RPI are RPi2B running OSMC.
        Thanks in advance.


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          Had a few problems with this. No one bothers to mention you need a resistor so when the RPi shuts down and the GPIo pin used for the data in momentarily changes state and after about 5 shutdowns blows the be jesus out of the receiver. This was pissing me right off because yes, it was working but after a couple of goes, it would suddenly fail meaning no IR remote would work. Took many receivers to work out exactly what was going on but the solution was pretty simple, put in a 330ohm resistor as shown above unlike any other picture on the net showing this mod..

          Made up a quick board to replace the Xbox board more suitable for my new needs. I did modify an original board but found better to just make a new one....


          The new board is shown here with blue Xbox button backlights, IR receiver that slide in behind the clock LCD panel, (IR signal goes straight through the clock's LCD panel face), and lastly the white back light LED to light the clock face. Here it is wired in prior to going in the machine's face panel.....


          All finished and working well. Clock backlight is on while the mains cable is connected otherwise the clock module is battery backup to hold the time only.


          Back view shows mains cable plug, HDMI connection and Cable net connection plug.


          This is the prototype and I'm pretty happy with it. Got to make another 3 now but this time without all the problems. Remote is a Xbox 360 wireless but it also runs off any RF keyboard or any USB cable device. I wanted the choice. Only got one more RPi 2B so the other two will be RPi 4 boards so they will probably be blue tooth and WiFi net connection as well unlike this one that has no bluetooth and is wired net connection.
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