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    I am trying to find the right roms that will work with my Pandora Key 7. I have successfully added roms via USB and my device has recognised them, But they just do not work. I either get a message saying missingrom or missingx.bin, or it needs another .zip file. I clearly dont have the correct rom type that is compatible with this machine (I have mainly being trying MAME roms) Could someone please give me an idea where I can find the roms that will work with this machine, both 2D and 3D. They have to be somewhere. I have tried many websites and tried to download the different roms for the game that I am after (the original Galaga), Please help.

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    The rom version you need is directly related the the version of Mame running on your Pandora. They can change over time as new/missing roms get dumped. Probably the easiest way to fix this is to get all of the rioms for a particular game maybe even in split format.

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      Thank you for your advice. After a lot of research and trial and error, I have found that for the 2D games, the console uses MAME 0.139 u1 roms, and I have had some success with that. All I would like to know now, is where I can find 3D games that are compatible with the Pandora 7 Key. I wouldn't have the faintest idea where to start, because I am only familiar with MAME. My console only has 10 included games such as Street Fighter, I am aware of where I need to put these games on my USB so the console will find them, but I don't have the faintest idea of what 3D games are compatible, what format they need to be in, and where to find them. I really hope you can be of some assistance, or at least point me in the right direction of someone who knows more about these things. Thank you in advance.


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