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WII Mario Kart #error001

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  • WII Mario Kart #error001

    Gday All,
    After downloading Mario Kart for the modded WII, I get this message ..
    #error 001, unauthorized device has been detected,
    Can anyone shed some light on this error and how to fix?... Cheers..

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    Buy the

    Can't play mario kart wii with a modchip at the moment. I'm sure that it's only a matter of time before you can...but yeah.


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      Originally posted by stu View Post
      Buy the

      Can't play mario kart wii with a modchip at the moment. I'm sure that it's only a matter of time before you can...but yeah.
      uhh yea you can
      though, I think this sort of discussion is borderline for this site
      bit of a gray area


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        I swear i read only yesterday that you couldnt play that game that the one that just came out? Oh well i will butt out then....hehe


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          sounds like you need to update the firmware from your modchip to me and mario kart wii runs fine on a modded wii.


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            WiiKey firmware version 1.9s is now available. That'll fix your problem.
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              Thanks Guys Under Control.... Cheers seya on the track....


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                Is the game any good, i love the SNES Mkart


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                  For the short time i have played it, I rekon it is one of the better Wii games available.. Online play seems pretty cool...


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                    This version has tracks from SNES, N64, GBA and DS as well as some newies.

                    Online is where this game really shines, so much fun racing against real people rather than the cheap rubber band AI. Just let down by no in game chat

                    Not too sure what nintendo thinks about people from this region playing online seeing as the game isn't released here yet. That being said I'm managing to get consistent 6-12 people games continent-ly now. More and more people must be downloading it. Aussies seem to be much better racers than the multitude of japanese people I race against.

                    If anyones up for a race PM me and I'll send you my friend code


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                      played some online on the weekend me and a mate were playing on the same wii tis a pretty cool feature.


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                        Ok i got the update.
                        Extracted to a folder Wiikey.1.9s.pal

                        Ive tried just burning the ISO
                        I have also tried burning the whole folder.
                        All i keep getting is error eject disc etc..

                        Very frustrating!
                        Ive never ever been able to download an update and have it work for the wii

                        What do i do now?

                        IM using toast on mac.

                        perhaps someone can send me a copy?
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                          radirgyman, PM your details to me and ill send you the disc...


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