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Vintage Concord game console?

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  • Vintage Concord game console?


    Does anyone know of any internet resources that might have a details or at least a picture of a vintage game console that was called "Concord", at least from what I can remember. I have no idea how my parents got it, I was very young at the time.

    It had two hard-wired paddles as controllers and a few toggles on the console to switch between "pong-like" games. These games were named things like "Tennis", "Squash" etc. I remember that the console was about the size of the slim-line Atari.



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    Bingo! This is it..
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      There were heaps and heaps of clones like that. I remember owning a black and white version many years ago. You really need a name and even them unless it sold a lot you'll be lucky to find anything.

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        I threw one out a few years ago, even had the box.


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          I remember there being a pong type black and white TV game. It didn't even have scoring. It had a couple of mini type pinballs that sat in indents on top of the console. You then moved them up manually as you scored.


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            hey mate, i'm pretty sure i've got a boxed concord kicking around in my collection.... are you after one ?
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              I have one here in box and quite a few other pong clone as well. Let me know if you are interested, I'll dig it out and take some pictures for you.


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                Hey I also found one at the local Crime Converers. I think they want $40 for box though.


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                  I remember buying one of those years ago from a white elephant stall at a school fete. Ended up getting ripped apart to use the slide switches.
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