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Got a Dreamcast but it doesn't want to work.

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  • Got a Dreamcast but it doesn't want to work.

    Ok, I just picked up a Dreamcast and a bunch of accessories but I can't seem to get it going.

    I hooked it up to the TV, and plugged in a controller but when I turn it on there is no sound and nothing on the screen with or without a game in it. I can feel the fan on the side working and the drive is spinning if you open the lid. The light in the middle of the console comes on (orange, is that right or some indication of an error?) and when a game is in it I can hear the drive moving on powerup.

    It's a PAL console and the 3 games I've got & tried are all originals (PAL also) and free of scratches.

    Does anyone have any idea of what could be wrong, is it likely to be something that can be fixed or is the console fubar and I should go get my money back?

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    sounds very much like it is working maybe there is a problem with the a/v port or the a/v cable.


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      Even if you turn it on without a game inserted you should get an options screen.


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        Sounds like an AV problem. Apparently its quite common. I have a console that does exactly the same thing. I swapped the AV cord twice, thinking it was that. No dice. Its the actual video out on the console itself that has failed.

        You can fix it yourself (plenty on the Web about this), or have it done for you ( next time you're in Melbourne. All is not lost.

        That's my only complaint about the DC - too much can go wrong with these older consoles. Otherwise, it tears strips off the compettion.

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          Originally posted by XiTaU View Post
          sounds very much like it is working maybe there is a problem with the a/v port or the a/v cable.
          What he said.

          I'm in Melton if you want yours checked out.

          I can also repair/modify if you want.
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            Thanks for the offers and the help. I hadn't thought of the cable being dodgy, I figured it was more likely the console was wrecked since it came from Cash Converters.

            I had another go at hooking it up this arvo and it seems the problem was the me. I must not have pushed the plug into the back of the console all the way, it takes quite a bit of force to get it completely in and those last 2mm or so make all the difference.

            I had a quick go at Crazy Taxi and Daytona but sill have to try out some bits.

            All up I got:
            3x Sega controllers.
            2x Sega VMUs
            Daytona 2001
            Crazy Taxi
            Soul Calibur
            Madcatz steering wheel with pedals
            Madcatz lightgun and memory card/vibration pack.

            Originally I was only going to get the console and games with a pair of controllers and the memory cards but decided it was a reasonable enough deal to grab the lot. It's all in good nick and just needs the stickers removed and a wipe with a cloth.

            Hmm. I can hear Offspring from the loungeroom, I think my brother is playing Crazy Taxi again.


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              glad you got it sorted you should have some fun tis a great version of daytona and over all a great console.


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