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    Hi All

    I have a problem surfacing with our main home Pc
    it is hanging during start up on the windows xp screen (the image contrast and colour seem to shudder a little)
    and then it either loads into windows or resets itself
    it is an older pc Pentium IV 3.06ghz
    It seems that Firefox has also become unstable, don''t think it is related though
    any ideas on what it might be?
    don't want to go stuffing with it without an idea as the missus uses it for work

    Cheers in Advance


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    I had a similar problem the other day... If you have a fancy video card the contrast might be a setting you had in the video driver properties (so once the driver loads, it adjusts the contrast). I have that on my PC so the gamma drops slightly when I log in.

    Regarding the resetting, I also had that recently when I had some bad drivers. I think it was the video drivers but I had to rebuild the computer eventually.

    When you say it resets, is there a moment when it flashes a blue-screen-of-death? XP automatically resets the computer on a login-crash like that... If so, when you're booting the PC, just as it says 'starting Windows' press F8 to get a boot menu. On the menu there's an option to NOT reboot the PC on a critical windows crash, so you can read the error.

    Whilst it could be a hardware problem, it sounds to me like you've got some bad drivers/corrupt software, and a reload is in order.
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      or try a system restore


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        nice simpe thing to try first. Open the case and reseat your video card. Just pop it out and back in.



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          Will post more details when i get home
          but no bsod
          and no video card


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            i will give the old system restore a shot.
            and see how it goes
            My firefox is playing up badly so i think it may have to go
            and install again


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              This is similar to a thread the other night!
              And if system restore doesn't work (which i hope it does), i think ya mobo may be dying


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                Check for excessive dust around the CPU
                Check for any bulging/leaky caps around the CPU
                Run a chkdsk/diagnostic on the hard disk?
                Does it work ok if it gets in to windows?
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                  tried all sorts of spyware, adware and virus removal
                  removed and reseated and cleaned everything (man the cpu fan and heatsink was filthy
                  tried sys restore
                  tried everything i could think of
                  i did not try format and reload as i am not confident with xp and i have no discs to reload plus it is used for my wifes work so it needs to be up and going regardless
                  (so me stumbling in the dark is not desirable)
                  i threw my hands in the air and told her i have no idea
                  she rang some IT guys called geeks on the move (i think the "we will fix it or its free" slogan got her)
                  after two hours at the computer he managed to reload firefox and thats it
                  IE is still busted and now outlook Express is busted too (hangs and crashes)
                  So he made a comment on the way out that he will ask around and he might drop back.
                  He spent most of the time in the house on the phone asking someone else what to do..
                  I guess i will wait to see if he comes back and fixes it, or if he bills me
                  before i take it to someone competent
                  Sooo frustrating


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                    Sounds like you should really save any data you need and do a fresh install.

                    If it's as buggered as you say, the band-aid approach is not going to work.

                    I know you said you haven't got the install CDs but it's what you need to do.
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                      yeah i know i should
                      if it wasn't the wifes pc i would install a ripped copy of xp after hours of trial and error
                      however she needs it to make money
                      so will end up taking it to someone to fix


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                        Hang on, you'll take it to someone and pay them to fix it, but don't want to do a fresh install? Is the issue that you don't have a legit XP key? Wouldn't buying one be cheaper than paying someone to spend hours trying to make your current installation stable?
                        "Everyone's always in favour of saving Hitler's brain. But when you put it in the body of a great white shark, ooohh! Suddenly you've gone too far!"


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                          the copy is ligit
                          it was a preloaded packard (never got disks with it)
                          i would take ages stuffing with it to get it formated and going
                          so it SHOULD be easier to pay someone to fix it (and more effective)
                          and no swearing from me or the missus swearing at me when it takes two days to get up and going because i have never formated an XP machine
                          used to format my windows 98 machines ages ago when i had time and patience
                          but the art is long forgotten and my patience long eroded


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                            Fair enough. Just seems like a lot of PC repair people have no idea and you'll still have an unstable system when you get it back. Maybe get them to re-install XP?
                            "Everyone's always in favour of saving Hitler's brain. But when you put it in the body of a great white shark, ooohh! Suddenly you've gone too far!"


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                              Its probably a good idea if your wife/partner relies on this pc for business, for one or both of you to get aquainted with the reformatting/re installing procedure for xp. Its really not that complicated at all, it will save you a shit load in tech bills and its also a little satisfying doing it yourself. Heres a guide>>

                              Im sure there are a ton of AA members who could talk you through it also, hope it works out for you anyways.


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