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    Tekken 7 is out for PS4, XBONE and... PC!

    The PC version was apparently the dev lead, though the interface is balls. The game, however, is rock solid. Seems well-balanced save the new characters, which is something Harada always does so ppl will play them. That aside, it plays amazingly well over the net. No lag, no slight mushy feeling like TTT2 had. Sharp as the proverbial tack.

    The arcade Tekken community has been going nuts over the game for a few years. Now I know why

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    I have been playing on Xbox One. Love it so far.

    I prefer the orignial style of endings, where you finish the game with a character and unlock the ending but other than that and some small issues with the netcode the game is solid.


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      Three weeks in I can say it's fast, tight, balanced, easy to learn, intricate, deep and ultimately very, very well made. The netcode is sharp, the visuals are spot on, really detailed but you never waste a moment trying to spot a limb against the background, and it's very satisfying to play.

      I'm going to call it: best Tekken yet. I've played them all, and it's not even close.
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