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Fallen Earth: Looking for a buddy to play this mmorpg with.

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  • Fallen Earth: Looking for a buddy to play this mmorpg with.

    I have been playing for a while now this game Fallen Earth

    It is a Post-Apocalyptic mmorpg, and the effort put into this game is astounding!

    I played the trail and in half i day i was hooked and bought it online... Then i went to and bought the box version to put on my shelf.

    If you like Fallout 3 or New Vegas... You will love this.

    This is, hand down, the most enjoyable online game i love to play... BUT.... but....

    Im lonely,... None of my friends play it with me (Cheap skates) and i really would love to discuss and talk about the game with someone or a few people when playing it.

    It is a very involved and mature game. The developers put in SOOO much effort into it and the Mods are amazingly helpful.

    If anyone wants to play it or plays it already... contact me... i'd love to hear from you.
    Post here or PM me.

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    looks pretty cool, pity I dont have the type of comp/connection to play but I might pass it on to a friend of mine to check out
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