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    OK I seem to remember a question being asked about this some time ago, but cannot find the thread.
    I am interested or rather have volunteered to begin work on a webpage for a sporting club - Netball.
    But have never done this so need some advice on where to start and the best program to use.
    Domain's how do you get one and how do you upload etc etc

    I am sure as the advice comes in I will have more questions.

    Thanks Crafty

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    I use Webcity for domain names and hosting after having lots of problems using overseas ones because I can pick up the phone 7 days a week and speak to an AUSTRALIAN!

    Others will have differing opinions of them I am certain but it works for me.

    I design all my websites in HTML using notepad but again, you might want something more whizzy than I am happy with.....


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      i use crazydomains, cheap and cheerful (and aussie also i reckon). web pages are easily downloaded as a template close to what you want for free. places like wix give you a hosted site for free i think if you let them put their contact info on your site (they used too) but let google be your friend on free web pages or free web site as i think the government even had a free/cheap place for sporting clubs which often get exemptions for fees in many places and find one with templates for free or pay as little as 40 per year (wix are 100 per year for hosted website with no ads and its all WYSIWYG templates now in html as they used to have flash only and it was great but slow but no email services, just web).

      ps: crazydomains which i use and havent had any downtime since ive been with them unlike 2 other hosts, they have 12 per year for domain and from 2.75 per month for hosting (do your own site from template or program like dreamweaver or MS expression) or go for their web-builder for 3per month for 1 page or 10 per month all up for 25 pages and they have some neat templates. their is a mob in the UK that has real cheap deals on hosting with webbuilder templates but there are so many, ive just really looked at e-commerce ones mainly but noticed how cheap template+hosted sites are if you dont want a shop on it
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