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Moonstone: A Hard Days Knight

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  • Moonstone: A Hard Days Knight

    An absolute classic game in my opinion, and I'm on the hunt for it.

    Anyone out there remember this one?

    Even better, anyone know where I could get a copy from (PC, not Amiga)? Should never have thrown it away

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    A shit was this a ****ing brillient game, or what?

    Me and my mates would sit around and have 3 way games on this on an Amiga.
    Gorey as hell.

    You may be able to track it down in the abandonware underworld somewhere...I'd try the underdog site if they are still around. Google is your freind here (try: moonstone abandonware)
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      Any fans of Moonstone will probably enjoy this siteMoonstone Tavern

      If you wanted to get hold of the original you may have to pay a high price because I think it is rare due to it being banned in some areas when it was released due to the games violence content, and it is quite sought after now.

      However as MadMike said you should be able to download it from Abandonware.

      I myself spent many hours playing it on my Amiga back in the day.......


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        I only bumped into that site about an hour ago, and they have a download on it ..

        for anyone interested, hit the drop down menu to find "Emulation & Abandonware"

        there's a download link on that page - though I haven't tested it yet


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          Moonstone - One of the greatest games ever!

          I've spent hours playing this with mates on the Amiga.

          Its still a permanent fixture on my A1200/030


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            I should have a copy in my old disk stash... Ive moved a couple of times so it might be MIA.


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              Once I saw the screenshots I remembered this game instantly. I played it heaps with my little brother on the Amiga years ago. Would've totally forgotten about it if it wasn't for this thread.




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                I've never seen it, let alone played it!!
                What type of game is it (RPG, Beat 'em Up, Etc)... I can't really tell from the screenshots... lokks like an RPG of some kind...



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                  Its unique... i don't think it fits exactly into a mold... although i think RPG would be the closest.


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                    RPG/Hackfest! Great gory fun for it's time.

                    Grab an Amiga 500 emulator and give it a go. Great fun still.



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                      Moonstone revisited...

                      Pure GOLD




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