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    Just putting this here for anybody who's missed it. what an awesome piece of kit.
    Feature list:
    • 4 slots for OS separate for Colleen and XL/XE mode
    • 64k of FLASH for future GUI
    • 2 slots for BASIC/CARTRIDGE
    • build in, configurable PBI CF card storage (works as PBI in XL/XE mode, and through SDX driver in Colleen mode)
    • build in FAT32 loader (SIDE) with both ATR and XEX file handling
    • SpartaDosX
    • onboard RTC
    • 1MB Axlon compatible memory expansion for Colleen mode
    • 64k/320k/576/1088k total memory available in XL/XE mode
    • up to 52k of memory in Colleen mode (configurable)

    So glad this is being made again and look forward to getting mine for the 800 beast.

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    Definitely interested in getting one for my 800 however, hes asking 3 x more the original price, so maybe it will be more worthwhile to wait for Incognito 2.


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      I didn't think $140 bucks was too bad considering what you get in fact I paid a bit extra to get the FJC FIRMWARE preinstalled. The idea of my 800 having all the bells and whistles of an XL/XE + Side 2 + 1 meg or Ram amazing stuff.
      I'm not holding my breath on the Incognito 2 and being me I never find out about these things until its too late which is why I pulled the trigger on this now.


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        I've just placed an order for it. I just reminded myself about how crazy the prices have been for these on eBay recently

        I figured I'm going to need it once I get rid of the 800xl and the 65xe. So it'll just be holding on to the 600xl and the 800.

        My 800 has an SCCC upgrade, and the keyboard is fantastic.


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          Yeah the 800 is just the best Atari 8 bit hands down. Look forward to having an excuse to use it.


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            Originally posted by Arcade King View Post
            Yeah the 800 is just the best Atari 8 bit hands down. Look forward to having an excuse to use it.
            Very cool video. Regret selling my 400 and 800 now.


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              I didn’t end up getting the fjc preflashed version. Ordered the other before realising. I’ll just download the firmware and flash it myself then send flashjazzcat a donation for his hard work.

              Originally posted by Claude View Post
              Very cool video. Regret selling my 400 and 800 now.
              I found it difficult to source one locally so I opted for an NTSC version from the U.S, it ended up being worthwhile.


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                Dear Customer,

                Thank You for Your purchase, prompt payment and support for my retro passion . I`m happy to inform, that Your order 19827 will be shipped soon with Global Express service and shall be delivered in 8-15 workdays. Please, find below more details about Your delivery:

                Ordered items:

                INCOGNITO Atari 800 FJC FIRMWARE (available after 2019-10-17) x 1

                Takes a lot for me to get excited nowadays but I can't wait for this little beauty!


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                  Santa came early
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20191029_161206.jpg
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Size:	206.3 KB
ID:	1855631
                  Even came with a Lotharek branded caramel log.
                  Looking forward to installing it!


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