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Who Has A New RPi 4?

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  • Who Has A New RPi 4?

    Is it able to output the same video on both HDMI outputs at the same time?

    I've been after a way to drive the video from an RPi to two monitors at the same time but HDMI splitters are pretty much ridiculously priced and often there are no guarantees it will work.

    Is anyone using an RPi 4 with LibreELEC as there media Player yet. Just curious how they are finding it.

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    Who Has A New RPi 4?

    Have one ready to try with libreelec. I think only 1 screen is supported at the moment?


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      [MENTION=4749]Hashman[/MENTION].....Yer I thought it may be possibly to good to be true. It was this video about the Pi4 that made me think just maybe but that is no guarantee LibraELEC supports it . He starts with his video tests @17.30

      How good is the onboard IR receiver or does it not support it?. ATM I use an RPi 2B using a IR receiver hardwired to the GPIO for the 360 remote and a USB receiver for the keyboard from Aldi and that setup is perfect. I also have all the content on a 2TB USB hard drive and a 64Gb thumbdrive. The thumb is plugged directly in the Pi but the hard drive is plugged into a powered hub and this all works well.

      I have not WiFi or net connections as there is no internet which is one reason I used OpenLec originally because it could run with no net.

      The irony is this old RPi and the old version of OpenLec have never given me any troubles with video playback. Picture scrolling could be better though especially movie title metadata.
      Uploading from a USB to the hard drive using "filemanager" for updating data could also be significantly faster. That is painfully slow but it does do the job perfectly over time. It just takes a couple of hours to copy over say 50Gb of data.

      Do you think any of these issues warrant updating both the operating system OpenLec to LibraELEC and the RPi 2 to an RPi4?


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        Who Has A New RPi 4?

        For all my pi kodi boxes I use these.

        You can reconfigure all the buttons using a kodi app called keymap as well. Keyboard works well.


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          Only worth upgrading for the built in video decoding I reckon. H265 hardware decoding built in. Should play 4K context very nicely.

          Iíve got a few libreelec Odroid x4 boxes that Iíve been using for h265 of 4K stuff.


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            I'm interested to see some testing with the Pi4 and N64 emulation, as it was still sketchy on Pi3 B+

            Update: This video seems to show pretty good improvements in N64 emulation with the new Pi4, skip to 7:32 to see some N64 testing

            Sadly Sega Saturn still looks crap based on the gameplay shown from Sega Rally earlier in the vid.

            Most likely emulators being used here are old ones, updates once the Pi4 matures could see really excellent N64 emulation.

            And they said the Pi would never achieve it cause of the N64 custom graphics hardware...

            I fully expect later iterations of the Pi to run Wii stuff !


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              I'm interested in finding out if it can run vissual pinball 9 or future pinball as someone did it with a lattepanda

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                I've got a 4GB unit coming, plan to use it as a youtube box in my donga at work.

                What are you all doing with your Raspberry Pi 4?


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