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Windows user help/advice for RPi


RaspberryJAMMA is a Raspberry Pi to JAMMA adaptor designed and built in Australia. The project also features a sister project ARpiCADE the cab focused Linux distro for RPi2 and RPi3.

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    Windows user help/advice for RPi

    Editing Linux formatted files in Windows can be achieved with Notepad++, Wordpad and Notepad will do wierd things to the file format.

    If any windows users are wanting to access the Linux partition through windows I'd grab Paragon ExtFS Link

    It works a treat. Shows the Linux partition in windows and you can easily edit files with notepad++ straight from My Computer --- thanks hashman for testing this.
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    Copied from urbangansta101 post #1221 of the huge thread:

    This is to resize/move the SD card partitions correctly so that you can use all the available space.

    1.) Download the 3.7 image and write it to your card using Win32DiskImager (choose the .img file, make sure it's the right drive selected then click 'Write')
    2.) Backup all the files from the SD Card 'BOOT' partition (just copy and paste them into a folder on your PC)
    3.) Download a Linux Live CD that includes GParted - I'd recommend 'Knoppix'. Burn it to a CD and boot into it.
    4.) Click the Start Menu->Preferences ->GParted, then choose your SD Card in the top right of the GParted window.
    5.) Using right click -> choose to delete the FAT32 (BOOT) Partition
    6.) Right click the EXT4 partition and choose Resize/Move. Drag it all the way to the right and have about 4mb space following (type 4 into the space following field and hit enter. It will probably create a space that's not quite 4mb but that's ok) then click OK.
    7.) On the main GParted window, Right click the empty unallocated space on the left and choose new partition -> FAT32, use all the remaining space but have 4MB space proceeding, Partition Label: BOOT
    8.) Apply and wait for it to finish.
    9.) If all tasks were completed successfully, exit Knoppix (Start -> Shutdown) and reboot into Windows.
    10.) Restore the files onto the BOOT partition (you backed them up in step 2)

    Hope that helps. You can use Knoppix to edit config files on the EXT4 partition if needed, so it's a pretty handy disc to have.


      Another great guide for resizing ARpiCADE for larger SD cards (not written by me):
      How To: Setup ARpiCADE Updates for Larger (16GB, 32GB, 64GB) Memory Cards | Idaho Garagecade


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