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RaspberryJAMMA - up to date information


RaspberryJAMMA is a Raspberry Pi to JAMMA adaptor designed and built in Australia. The project also features a sister project ARpiCADE the cab focused Linux distro for RPi2 and RPi3.

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  • RaspberryJAMMA - up to date information

    I'm going to try and keep all the latest info here in one simple post to save people the hassle of trawling through the huge thread for info.

    ### HARDWARE INFO ###
    RaspberryJAMMA is a Raspberry Pi JAMMA adaptor that converts a RPi into a true JAMMA board, intended for you to do whatever it is you want with it with no hardware lag and scanline accurate low res output. No modification to your JAMMA cab is required (unless you want to add a kick harness). It can be configured for normal JAMMA (w/ optional kick harness) or for 6 buttons on JAMMA via dipswitches. Video out is RGBS on JAMMA or can be reconfigured to output higher resolutions through VGA. The board features amplified mono sound or line level stereo can be used (only one at a time, although a splitter may work...).

    RaspberryJAMMA v3 is available now, PM me for sales.
    My current prices (in Aussie dollars) are: $145 without a Pi. If you want a SD card PM for more details, if you already have an SD card the software is free to download. As a rough guide economy air mail costs: Australia (Express Post)/NZ $10, North America $15, Europe $20, please PM me for a quote as the prices have changed over the last year or so. Add $8 for air mail with tracking.

    Now also available through if you're in North America this is probably the easiest way to get a RaspberryJAMMA.

    ### SOFTWARE INFO ###
    Experimental Pi4 support
    ARpiCADE 4.2:

    Pi2 and 3 variations
    Currently best experience is Pi3B+ with ARpiCADE 3.X
    ARpiCADE 3.X:

    ARpiCADE 3.9:

    ARpiCADE 3.84:

    RaspberryJAMMA V3 board layout:
    How to mount pi to board:
    Guide to V3 dipswitches:

    Which emulator for which rom spreadsheet WIP:

    OLD VIDEO OF SOFTWARE (running vertical, not uploaded by me, thanks):

    If you want to try and make any other RPi images RapberryJAMMA friendly the GPIO control module for the JAMMA adaptor can be downloaded here:
    it needs to go into /usr/src (on Raspbian, it may vary for other builds) and be built and installed using DKMS, check out for more details as it is this driver with a slightly different config.
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