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JAMMA board from Raspberry PI


RaspberryJAMMA is a Raspberry Pi to JAMMA adaptor designed and built in Australia. The project also features a sister project ARpiCADE the cab focused Linux distro for RPi2 and RPi3.

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  • Originally posted by dzhay1981 View Post
    Is there a game/emulator list for 4.2 by any chance? That list was super helpful to help choose roms/emulators.
    not yet, or at least I haven't made one. I've been trying to get it all working well most of the time I have a Pi4 running, not at the point where I'm making game lists.

    I generally recommend using MAME 0.172 first at this point. It runs a hell of a lot great on Pi4 and isn't too old. If there's been an improvement in MAMEs emulation of a title since 0.172 then try 0.203 first, then 0.215 for those titles (0.215 has a frame of input delay that isn't present in 0.203 due to the RA input handling). Otherwise:
    Use FBA for CPS3 - I can't seem to get them to run in newer MAME versions (0.172+) on Pi4 (system wide hard lockup is the result)
    Use the NAOMI emulator for NAOMI/Atomiswave
    MAME 0.139 runs some of the Playstation based arcade games better than elsewhere
    AdvMAME runs some STV stuff well but a lot have audio layers missing and other glitches, plus it doesn't handle the STVs tendancy to swap between 480i for menus and 240p for gameplay very well AND I generally don't recommend using AdvMAME on Pi4 anyway, it has issues... Shienryu seems pretty good though.
    MAME 0.078 runs Killer Instinct better than anything else I've found on Pi4, not perfect but playable and mostly fullspeed. Not KI2, it's slow.
    Newest CAVE stuff in 0.172 with the most overclocking you can manage on your Pi4 - results vary game to game, some are very good, most are playable, some too slow. There was one game I couldn't get to run on 0.172 that ran in 0.174 but I can't remember the title offhand.

    EDIT: KI in 0.078 will want the best OC you have too...


    • Yeah, the stuttering happens after only about 30 seconds.

      There's the possibility that my Pi is borked, but it's good its working fine in 172


      • Does anyone have a 4p image they can share at all? Or if not does anyone have a list of 3/4p games and the preferred mame version/emulator that they should run on?


        • What are people using to cool their RPI4 for oc? (I'm trying to shortcut the whole 'let's find a solution that leaves the GPIO pins open).


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