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Titan competition bands


PINBALL HAUS - Buy/Sell machines - LEDs/LED kits/6V LED strips - Spare parts - Custom parts and plastics - Distributor for Titan competition bands - Distributor for Ninja utra chrome balls - Stern speaker panel decals - restoration services - arcade with over 20 machines. Brisbane pick up or ship worldwide. We love pinballs at THE HAUS!

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  • Titan competition bands

    If it is not market TITAN it's not a TITAN competition band. Not all silicon bands are the same!
    Be aware that there are some cheap Chinese copies being offered to unsuspecting customers.

    TITAN COMPETITION BANDS - The one and only! Manufacturing the highest quality pinball rubbers in the world.
    - fully torture tested outlasting any other brand
    - perfect finish
    - perfect colours
    - perfect bounce
    - the preferred band of international competition players
    - each band Titan marked to protect you from cheap copies!
    Available in Australia and New Zealand from Pinball Haus.
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