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PINBALL HAUS - Buy/Sell machines - LEDs/LED kits/6V LED strips - Spare parts - Custom parts and plastics - Distributor for Titan competition bands - Distributor for Ninja utra chrome balls - Stern speaker panel decals - restoration services - arcade with over 20 machines. Brisbane pick up or ship worldwide. We love pinballs at THE HAUS!

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  • Homepin Boards now distributed by Pinball Haus

    A-15189 Getaway HSII Supercharger Driver $89.00
    A-15646 WMS 24" Opto Borad (BSD etc) 89.50
    A-15430 10 opto replacement $99.50
    H-0001-M WMS A-15878 ) Flipper opto type I + Mechanism $42.50
    A-21207 Flipper opto type II set $49.50
    A-15680 Motor driver replacement $95.00
    A-15946 Motor driver board Path Of Adventure $85
    A-16120 Motor driver board $95.00
    A-16807 10 opto inc mounting brackets $99.50
    Williams D-12046-M Stepper Driver Board including Motor $165.00
    A-21708 MM Motor Driver Board $49.50
    12 Data East DE520-5068-00/01
    Homepin Stern/Data East Magnet/Auxiliary Drive Board + 1 extra capacitor$95
    WMS_Rest Williams Bally Reset Fix $42.50
    Getaway HSII lane entry support bracket laser cut $15

    All in stock.
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