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Wanted: Service Technicians (Australia Wide)


Highway Entertainment is a premier distributor for amusement machines and arcade parts from reknowned manufacturers such as Sega, Namco, Konami, Taito and Capcom. We offer our customers the latest in arcade gaming technology, as well as retro machines such as video arcade game machines, pinball machines, arcade cabinets, accessories and replacement parts. With over 26 years experience in the industry and serving over 42,000 customers, our clients are guaranteed exceptional quality, customer service and reliability every time.

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    Wanted: Service Technicians (Australia Wide)

    We are looking for reliable, honest and hopefully experienced service technicians to help service/repair not only Highway Entertainment sold machines but also repair work for home customers.

    There are 3 parts;

    1. Warranty Repairs: Highway has sold machines to a customer who now has a machine problem. We will ask you to work directly with the customer, but all repair costs are sent to Highway.

    2. Out of Warranty Repairs: years after we sell machines, customers either need repairs or would like to upgrade their equipment. Please bill the customer directly.

    3. Repair Referrals: daily, we receive calls for service help across Australia. We would like to pass on this repair job - you work and bill the customer directly.

    If you can service Daytona machines, pinball machines, know how to rewire cabinets and replace power supplies, please contact us at We need service people across Australia.
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    [MENTION=19515]Ben Pinball[/MENTION] is the daytona man you want it vic.. ill pass this on to him


      [MENTION=73]tye3333[/MENTION] does a lot of that work down in Tassie, he might be keen.


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