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Want to sell your pin through GameRoom Essentials?

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    It's a damn shame we don't have a deal like that in Melbourne! Well done and I hope things get bigger and better for you with your venture


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      STTNG sold today.

      I have Big Guns and Gameshow coming in soon.


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        I'm digging up this old thread as I still have the same offer available.

        Want to sell your pinball or arcade machine?
        Don't want strangers walking through your house?
        Don't want to pay big Egay fees?
        Don't have the room to keep them all?
        Bought a machine that the Mrs does not know about?

        You can keep the machines in our showroom, put a price on them, and I will try and sell them for you.

        If they can be used for our gaming sessions, then there is NO COMMISSION if the machine is sold. Buyer gets your phone number and deals with you direct. We collect the cash, put it in your bank within 3 days...and NO COMMISSION, you get every cent.

        Building is alarmed with phone call to me within 60 seconds. I live 2 minutes away and played baseball. Roller shutters on all doors and windows. 8 cameras catch every movement, even in pitch black with infrared vision. I am fully insured for customers stock.

        The crowds are growing. We had 93 people come through the door last Saturday night to play games at our lockins. Will they like your machine?


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