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Huge arcade garage sale!!

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  • Huge arcade garage sale!!

    OK I have Waaaaaaay to much arcade gear.... Cabinets (new and used) - PCB's (new and used) - Components like joysticks, PSU's, Harnesses ect (new and used)
    I plan to get it all ready then host it say on a Saturday sometime soon (30th) maybe 23rd it all depends on how many are interested in looking... I will run the poll for a few days and decide then....
    I will also be taking offers for some large ticket items if they dont sell at the marked prices....

    Cash and Eftpos good to.....

    Tell me what you guys think?

    Address is 3353 Pacific Highway Springwood where GameDude is...

    OK UPDATE... I have decided I may run it a few Saturdays for a Month or so till its all gone.... I will probably take heaps of photos and add them for interstate ppl that way if you see something you like you can ask me
    Its going to be like an Arcade Graveyard... heaps of stuff spread out over 200sq meters or more....
    Its all hi res pics so your stuffed if you have an old PC or dialup ha ha ....

    Interstate buyers have a look at the pics and ask questions if you like....
    Freight I would prefer if you organise your own as getting quotes all over the place will be very time consuming...
    Maybe on a different day or October 30th is to soon

    The poll is expired.

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    Excellent idea for the locals, but I'm not one of them.

    Good luck with the sale.


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      indy is the 23rd i think so that might not be a good day for it
      We're the renegades of funk


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        I'll be away the weekend of the 23rd, 30th is good..!

        10% discount for wearing your AA shirt..!?


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          Yeah, I'd be keen for a look. Not sure what my budget will allow atm, but I do need a few new bits and pieces.


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            Not a bad way to spend an afternoon
            Signature? Hmmm.....


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              I can see it turning into an AA meet

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                30th is the day of the Newcastle & Melbourne meet...i know...hows that affect QLD'ers...some might be going to one of teh formentioned meets
                Pinball Meets...I love em


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                  Why not, might be able to find my 10 yard fight pcb!
                  I hope when i die, my wife doesn't sell my pinball machines for what I told her I paid for them.


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                    I'm in Bris Sat 13th Nov so I would come for sure if it was on then.....


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                      Still have my $40 Scramble cab?
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                        Originally posted by Foot View Post
                        Still have my $40 Scramble cab?
                        Hell no that was an ugly cab I got rid of it ages ago ha ha

                        Also I have updated the first post to reflect some ideas
                        Always interested in Retro and Current gaming



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                          Hell yeah this could be awesome! i saw on that you had some for under $400!! I'LL BE THERE!! Can't miss this!
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                            Piccys for us southerners Mr Click N refresh
                            The best action is wrist action!!!!!!


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                              Very Cool! I will see you all there


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