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LAST LS Sound Steel Cabinet with VGA29" Screen


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  • LAST LS Sound Steel Cabinet with VGA29" Screen

    OK Guys I have this llast unit available....
    For Aussie Arcade Members I will chop of $100...
    Its fully set up ready to go.

    Ideally the setup would be used with a PC system and MAME.
    The monitor is a VGA monitor and uses a standard VGA cable so easy to connect to the PC.
    JAMMA wiring - PSU - 6 Buttons - 4way 240volt power board...

    Check the pictures its all ready to go....
    Always interested in Retro and Current gaming

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    I just paid a fortune for one of these thinking it was a tri-sync. I didn't realise it was SVGA ONLY. It looks ok(ish) in 800x600@60Hz and 640x480@60Hz but 15kHz and 25kHz modes don't work at all. It's a very bad choice if you want an authentic MAME experience. Maybe it's ok for people that want a "one size fits all" or "near enough is good enough" solution.

    EDIT: It turns out that these are dodgy dual-focus LG TV tubes with an old PC SVGA monitor chassis hooked up. The geometry is terrible since the combination is not designed to work togetther at all. DODGY!!

    Also, the rear mains panel was arcing due to a bad solder joint that had been bogged up with silicon. The coin mech didn't work at all and it was covered in screwdriver scratches looking as if somebody had been messing with it for hours.

    Most people wouldn't have the balls to sell something like this (especially as "new")
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      ^^ Post edited after further investigation.


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        Should your posts be taken from this thread?

        Its putting no advice towards this sale and be put in its own thread??
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          I dunno what the problem is.... I was never contacted about any issues... the pics of the cabinet clearly show its working OK. And clearly states its VGA plug and screen and suitable for PC systems. The geometry looks fine to me in the pics.....
          As for the coinmech you need to program it first before it works and the scratches are on all the units I have its from the coin holders they are in.
          The add also says its the last one and it is new... as in unused... it still has warehouse dust and the like from over a year of storage on some of it.
          Always interested in Retro and Current gaming


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