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  • Pinfest 2017 Name Tags

    AA members who will be attaending Pinfest 2017 (and we ALL should be ) can request a name tag if they would like to make it easier for other AA members to identify them on the weekend. I will also do them for family members if they would like them. Pretty much exactly the same arrangement as we had last year. Tags can have any or all of the following information on them depending on what you personally prefer:

    1) AA user name
    2) Real Name
    3) Group affiliation (Either Aussie Arcade OR Newcastle Pinball Association OR Company Name (IF you are a Pinfest sponsor and the organisers OK it before printing).

    There is a thread here (in the PINFEST) section, as well as in the main Pinball section. Members who want a name tag MUST fill in the info they want on their tags and post in a thread EXECTLY AS THEY WANT IT ON THE TAG. I don't mind if you ask for a tag for a person not on AA if they want to meet people they know from AA, but they need to get someone to post the info in the thread so that I do not miss it. NO PMs please!

    Hook in guys, it is time to meet other AA-ers and pinball people!

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