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PINFEST 2015 Caves Beachside Hotel


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  • Originally posted by vett View Post
    Just drove back into Brisbane Monday night from my 1st Pinfest. had a great time there, What a great place to have Pinfest ( Caves beach Resort )and the Newcastle Pinball Association really put on a good show. I could not have meet a nicer bunch of guys and extremely well organized. I even took a machine down, STNG and was very happy to be part of the weekend.

    Unaware of fault at Pinfest , Tested fine on Friday and Saturday nights and had a quick check this morning and all working Ok,
    I will look at wiring for a loose or maybe part broken wire giving intermittent fault on cannon launcher , But will follow up

    It was played a total of 384 games over the 2 days and it also appears on a quick check before going to work that 2 people got there names up.

    MAX 783,558,980
    CBS 731,880,770

    Well done
    Not to bad for a 3 ball game.

    A big Thank you to NPA and also to everyone who came and played or visted to make Pinfest such a great Event.

    I even got a photo of a very special person there who some of you might know?
    He appears to shine when the camera comes out .

    The same thing happened to my sttg and it ended up being the wire that runs down from the cannon. My tech replaced it and it has been fine since. The wire just gets hard and breaks inside with age.
    Can Play while not spilling the beer.


    • Thanks to all the people involved in putting on this years Pinfest.
      A special mention to Joe (Vett) and his lovely wife for coming all the way from Brisbane and bringing his star Trek for everyone to play.
      Not to forget Sid who did travel from China and included us on his around Australia driving adventure. Thanks mate.
      This was our fourth year and will see us pass $20,000 donated to charities.
      Not a bad effort from a little pinball show.
      Special thanks to everyone who attended especially those from intrastate and interstate and hope you all had fun.
      Next year we are going to be better organised to id members. (primarily for evidence purpose of course )

      This photo shows most of our crew. However there would be at least another 10 who missed the photo.
      We have certainly grown and made plenty of new friends over our 4 years.


      Photo Courtesy of Leisa Davis Photography. See the Newcastle Pinball Association Facebook page for more of Leisa's excellent photos.
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      • Congratulations guys on all the great work you've done. You should all be proud of your achievements.

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        • Sup, will there be a Pinfest this year and if so any confirmed dates ?

          Thank you.


          • Hopefully the big No. 5 will be confirmed in the next couple of weeks.


            • Bloody awesome !

              I have 450 hrs of AL that I need to dispose off, so this is on my to do list.

              - Con


              • Originally posted by extendo View Post
                Bloody awesome !

                I have 450 hrs of AL that I need to dispose off, so this is on my to do list.

                - Con
                By reckoning of that total, you haven't had ya allocation of leave for THREE YEARS! You must love your work.
                It's good there's Pinfest to help ya dispose of leave, see ya at the bar! 😀 Z


                • PINFEST '16 1st official planning meeting is about to happen Monday night coming (18/4) @ Pizza n Pinball in Broadmeadow, Newcastle @ 7.30pm.

                  If you would like to be involved in this yearly prestigious Charity event in any form whether it be a donation of games or lending a hand to set up Friday or teardown Monday please feel free to come along to this meeting or contact [MENTION=1770]slevbro[/MENTION] (Chris and Dom).E.G - anyone that has a medium size Pantec truck with tailgate lift would be fantastic.

                  We don't bite and are generally a friendly mob and any and all newcomers very welcome so come on along if you want to be involved.

                  A designated PINFEST '16 thread will probably be started after this Mondays meeting when we get a date finalised and a general gauge of whats going to be involved this time around.
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