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  • Had a fantastic weekend. Congrats to Leigh, Dan and Michael.

    Massive amount of effort to organize this event. I should have spoken to Dan and Leigh on the first night as after that they were completely run off their feet.

    I spent my time in the AA booth, playing pinball or having a few drinks at the Panthers with other members. We also did the Hooters run since none of us from Adelaide had been to one before.

    A few pics.
    From left to right in the first pic - Damo (Damaco - or whatever his name is this week. ), John (Judgeboz) and Gav (Gav)

    Playing Luke's brilliant STTNG. Best example I have ever seen.

    Quick panorama of the first row of pins.



    • Originally posted by RGR View Post
      I thought the location was perfect. A huge well covered space away from the hustle and bustle. It was also great to have so much space in between pins to walk around. Felt like I was back at PAPA... Just a massive room full of pinheads. Would be interested to know (not that its my business) of the amount of numbers through the doors and whether it was above or below expectations.
      Saturday was below, Sunday was about what we expected. We hoped we'd do even better but for a first run it was good. We learnt a lot, made a bunch of mistakes (some we rectified between Saturday and Sunday).

      Very rough numbers:

      - Saturday 400-500 including kids (this doesn't include 160 all access and 12-15 volunteers, plus 20 vendors)
      - Sunday 800-1000 including kids (as above)

      There were two major factors that worked against us on Saturday that were fixed before we opened on Sunday.

      We did not break even, and there are reasons for that which I'll outline in another post.
      The Barn - 2020 - 7th and 8th of August
      SHPC - 2020 - Pukekohe


      • Originally posted by sleazius View Post
        Saturday was .., Sunday was ...
        The incredible awesomeness of an honest reply ... well done that man.


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