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    • Originally posted by shayne_roden View Post
      Yeah nice mate,

      I love that Lighting Link video..!!

      I'm using Maximums Arcade
      Thanks! Yeah, I got a lightning link marquee made up for the cabinet. Turned out awesome. Bit hesitant to post it on my site for obvious reasons tho...
      Wow, very impressed with your theme, makes mine look primitive haha


      • Originally posted by shayne_roden View Post
        Hi There,

        Is there any updates on "MORE CHILLI, LUCKY 88" and others?
        I cant seem to get them working...

        I'm just about ready to put everything in my pokie cabinet thanks to Shaunjay's post
        *** ***

        All so any hi-res artwork that you guys have would help to..
        I'll be more then happy to share me work once complete.

        couldn't get more chilli working but with lucky 88 open the rom. play one line. it should spas out and say there are thousands of coins. press f4, tick Main-mec and Main-Opt then Audit.

        now reset the ram by pressing Q and W key at the same time untick Main-mec and Main-Opt then Audit insert coins and play.


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