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  • Originally posted by OOO View Post

    Is it possible, assuming the TG website calculation is correct, I'll say that part again, that it is the total ESI score for only no.1 MAME titles for a gamer?

    For example your total ESI score for all your MAME scores, finishing anywhere on the scoreboard, adds up to 3775.19. However all of your no.1 scores add up to an ESI score of 2817.00. What is also strange is that there seems to be rounding of the 2nd total to integer for all gamers, compared to 2 decimal points for the other.
    There has to be some other explanation or a weird calculation system used here.

    I have 18 1st place MAME scores. 5 of them score 0.00 ESI. The most ESI I have for a single game is 12.85. Total ESI for my MAME 1st place scores is 59.20.

    Barra has 54 1st place MAME scores. His Galaga scores alone are worth over 200 ESI. Then you add DK into the mix. I didn't do a full count but it just makes this whole thing make even less sense to me.

    I had thought that my 1st place Atari 2600 and Lethal Enforcers arcade WR might be included but the few Atari scores I checked showed 0.00 and Lethal Enforcers is about 1.83.

    It's all too hard for my simple mind


    • Hi everyone,

      This article was published at Twin Galaxies News today. It's a special feature on the MGL. It also promotes on the world stage, video gamers, the competition, and Aussie Arcade.

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      • News just in from Twin Galaxies ... Jason Vasiloff aka JasonV91 at TG and AA, has just become the new World Champion on MAME ESI at Twin Galaxies.

        By just 1.82 points, Andrew Barrow aka Barra is now in 2nd place, and Robert Macauley aka RMacauley is in 3rd place. Matt Sales aka ILLSeaBass moves up into 9th place.

        Click image for larger version  Name:	201017_MAME_ESI_Rankings.png Views:	0 Size:	47.2 KB ID:	2171074

        Being so close for the Top 2, the lead may change over the next few months.

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