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Allied Industries Perth Australia - Tekken 3 Jamma Help needed


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  • Allied Industries Perth Australia - Tekken 3 Jamma Help needed

    Hello people, new user here,

    I recently purchased an older machine, pedistal style and wondered if anyone had an knowledge on what it is in terms of history etc.

    The machine is an Leisure and Allied Industries (Timezone in Australia) machine. Pedistal style and I cannot seem to see any info at all. I assume it is a generic pedistal unit with Tekken 3 Jamma mounted. I have attached some images to see if anyone here recognises this. Apolgies for the weird angles, machine is massive and barely fits in garage. Had to remove the marquee to stand it up. The pedistal is Rectangular which I have not seen. Assume it is 1996 or so.

    Jamma Tekken 3 hooked up. 46 Inch screen? Two side speakers under grills. Subwoofer in centre. Coin mech with 463,000 plays or so. 2 Player with 4 buttons. 4 Player coin mech and leads to control deck for 4 players, but only 2 hooked up. Tekken 3 Manual and LAI cabinet manual thats disintegrating Plugged her in and it works. I will need to replace CRT. I was going to do vinals for the Marquee and top of control deck. Will most likley paint it black and brand it with NAMCO logos. Pretty good condition considering the age of the beast.

    Any help would be much appreciated. Ideas on how it should look? The Jamma board seems to have NAMCO Tekken 3 mounted onto it. Not a professional here, just not sure what I got myself into I picked this baby up at an auction and they dropped it off in a semi it is so big and heavy.


    Click image for larger version

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    These are still sited local from memory down south of perth
    op has ditched the screens due to weight and finding replacements for 32 inch lcds and converters
    you can always expect change in life..except from vending machines


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      Its a LAI Cabinet 38

      I have a empty one i picked up locally from another member on here, it had the screen and chassis but i haven't had a chance to look at it yet.

      If you are replacing the screen with a LED/LCD monitor/tv then a 40" will fit with a small section of MDF taken out of the side pieces (inside where the speakers sit) I'm currently doing this so i can wire up a raspberry pi 4, looks decent enough in 4:3 aspect ration with a CRT shader enabled the plastic bezel hides the sides quite well

      If you want the manual let me know and i can scan it for you.

      Huge machines though, my misses wasn't too happy when it got dropped off haha

      Still need to find the marquee in Perth for mine at some point



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        That is a beauty!
        Wanted - Neo Geo AES games (PM me Please)
        Wanted - CPS2 game boards (PM me Please)


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          Thanks for that JRhys, good to know. Think an LCD would be easier to source for sure and less likely to kill me.


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            Originally posted by JRhys View Post
            Its a LAI Cabinet 38

            If you want the manual let me know and i can scan it for you.

            Hi JRys,
            if it’s not a problem could I ask to get a copy of the manual. I have a 38” LAI Maximum Force project and I would like to have it for reference

            I Came across this thread whilst searching for any reference material, information and or pics to help me figure out the spider web of wiring in it.
            Having a bit of trouble atm understanding the video input and the stereo amplifier wiring with the sub woofer, they don’t seem to be Jamma standard pin out?
            ie the monitor has a Pentranic chassis with 6 wires R G B Blk Y W, but jamma only has 5 wires RGB gnd and sync. So hoping there are wiring diagrams or schematics that will help me step through the whole setup and get it all working.

            All I have been able to find here on AA is the following, this was originally posted by narf_ who I note has also replied in this thread. did anything come of this great suggestion? My searches have come up with naught.


            Anyway having a copy of a manual would be greatly appreciated, if you could help out.



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              My manuals are sadly long gone
              cab had to go due to sheer size at the time
              you can always expect change in life..except from vending machines


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                Converted mine a my workshop PC. Can't remember how it came board wise but it did have a SFII in it followed by a CarnEvil shooter. We had a number of them and swapped around pedistals when needed between video games and shooters.
                Not good tube/ chassis combos in them and only the best could be used for shooters.
                Wasn't a real fan of them because I used to move them around. Arse of a machine to strap down and for the size of them through memory revenue wasn't greatly increased if any.



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                  Originally posted by narf_ View Post
                  My manuals are sadly long gone
                  cab had to go due to sheer size at the time
                  Thanks anyhow, I did manage to trace all the wiring and get it fired up.

                  The monitor uses a small PCB with 6 pin molex .093" male and female connectors that runs in line between the Jamma harness and chassis, appears the Yellow wire does nothing.
                  The Audio also has a small PCB with molex connectors that accepts the feeds from the Jamma harness and volume pots for the speakers and sub woofer and then feeds into the amplifier.
                  Not 100% I have this all hooked up correctly yet, I get sound through the speakers but not the sub. I suspect this is a function of the board output as the harness has pins M and 11 wired for the Sub however my Maximum Force board is not working atm to verify.

                  JRhys, Id still be interested to get a copy of the manual if you find the time.

                  Many Thanks


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                    Hey Charlie Milne,

                    No worries, I will try and scan it this evening.

                    I haven't looked at the speaker and sub wiring yet so interested to see how you get on with it.



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                      As requested.



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