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Wondering about a Taito cabinet


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  • Wondering about a Taito cabinet

    Hey all! I'm a relative newb to classic arcade ownership. Picked-up a Taito cocktail cabinet locally that was converted into Ms. Pac-Man seemingly a long time ago given the screen burn-in, and was wondering if anyone has any idea on what it used to originally be. A previous owner put in these curious metal covers over where buttons used to be on the control panels and it seems like perhaps 4 way joysticks were put in, though not sure. The monitor seems like it's original and it's color. I see a piece of paper stapled into the underside of the top that talks about sound controls for UFOs and invaders, which sounds like Space Invaders to me, or some version of it, as I know the original had a monochrome screen and a color overlay. Anyway, attached is a link to some pictures I took of the guts and the controls. Wondering if anyone has any ideas on what it was. The immediate previous owner seemed to think it was a Stargate arcade, though in Googling the images of Stargate cocktail, it seems different, plus Stargate seems to have been Williams, not Taito. Though again, newb here.

    Pondering what to do with it -- keep it a Ms. Pac-Man (and ditch the bootleg PCB for a bonafide Midway PCB), try to restore it to what it was, maybe turn it into a Mr. Do sans the artwork (as it's a fun game), or maybe even stick a Raspberry Pi in it and program my own retro arcade game.

    It's also missing the coin box, though the coin mech works. Seems like coin boxes are a little hard to come by. I bought my dad a Taito cocktail arcade of the original Space Invaders so was thinking of seeing if that coin box is a match for this cabinet and if it is, perhaps trying my hand at building a coin box out of hardwood with a drawer lock and maybe some rollers to let it slide in and out of the slot.

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    Welcome to AA. Good luck with your project.
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