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    So he Mrs was browsing the internet and came upon a Dayton USA that was for sale somewhere and said you should get this. I said are you sure would you like this and she said yup go get it. Rang around found someone who wanted to get rid of one and proceeded to go get a Daytona twin! Winning! There’s a problem with the chassis, a power supply and one of the drive boards. But that’s neither here nor there I’ll send them off to jomac to get sorted. Moved the good drive board to the good game side and thought yeah ok it’s not doing too much it mustn’t do too much! Had a little stuff around tonight saw that I didn’t plug a connector in properly... oh me! Plugged that sucker in and set the board to the hardest setting you can get on the board and holy crap!! It’s awesome! I love the force feedback given! Iv finally found out why there are pits in this game! I thought they were just for “realism” but was I wrong! With the force feedback turned up all the way the game will when you take damage make it harder to turn and make you fight the steering too! I loved Daytona before but now damn it’s aweosme!!

    Question for other owners in the bd test menu what do the bars do with the different setting. My current setup is with all the bars to the left. If I move them to the right more does it increase the feedback given?
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    The bars in the test menu screen are only for testing the feedback, it will say roll left or right.
    To adjust the feedback strength in the game you need to change the dip switches on the drive bd, you should be able to find the settings in the manual or you can download online if you don't have a hard copy.
    So just to make it clear, the maximum force / feedback in the test menu will only be as strong as you have the dip switch settings on the drive bd set to.


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