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Post up your Arcade Cab restorations logs and pictures here

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    Originally posted by crackerjack View Post
    Hi Sam J,
    Its great reading you restoration of your Defender cab. I have one which I have been waiting to get restored but hitting a few brick walls. First though is the bottom board you have replaced. Mine is damaged as well. What are you going to use to paint this as I need to do the same. Any help would be great. Thanks.
    Sorry mate - life got in the way and I've only just read your post.
    (My business flooded out a bit over a year ago, and it was a long, tough recovery)

    I actually put this Taito in the For Sale section without getting to refinishing the lower panel.
    Now I've caught up on this thread, and saw how much effort Id already put in (and how much others had helped out),
    I think Im going to see this project all the way through.

    As I get more spare time (finally) towards the end of the year, I'll likely make stencils and colour match some paint.
    Other option is to get matte vinyl printed in the red and black, but as an ex painter Id like to try a red base coat with stencilled black sections
    as the original was.

    Id be happy to share stencils with you,but the colour of our machines may be different due to different amounts of the red fading.
    If I go to all the the trouble of painting the lower panel, I could possibly refinish the entire cab, but I don't mind the slightly beat up original finish.


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