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Williams Defender Cocktail Machine

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  • Williams Defender Cocktail Machine

    So, after the horrible experience of importing this cab from Germany I finally picked it up yesterday from the depot. Got it home and unpacked it. I should have taken some pics of the unpack process, but I wasn't in the mood.

    Moving along..

    I was told the machine was in semi working condition in that:

    a) It powers up
    b) There is no sound
    c) You can't credit it up
    d) Used and not great condition

    So its all unpacked and I plug it in after having a quick look over it and disconnection the board sets. Using my 110v trannie, I fire it up and am met with a pop and crackle. I've never met a varistor before and I notice this red pill thing is burnt and blown. Its funny as 'varistor' was bought up today in a pinball thread, hence me knowing its name..! Persist for a while longer and have a look at the AC transformer and try and get some readings from it to see how it is and it seems its a bit dicky aswell. Mind you, I'm just a back yarder and can barely hold a multimeter.. So I pack it all away and start scouring the internet.

    Learn a few things about these machines and tonight I've hacked in an arcade power supply, feed some power to the monitor and hit the on button...


    ****ing thing powers up..! I get the start up screen, followed buy a blue screen, reset, start again. so on and so on.. Tweak the voltage pot on the arcade PS, press on all the roms / rams / connectors and flick the switch.. It boots up

    From last nights reading and a bit today, what I've gathered it that Defender needs -12VDC for the sound to work. My arcade PS hasn't got -12v so hopefully the sound issus is as simple as that..? fingers crossed.

    Now to work out how to coing in up..!


    Had a bit more or a poke around and notice that the sides are covered in this crappy thin stick on veneer, decide to pull it off to reveal the nice original panel work. Looks great on one side,

    not so great on the other side. Bit of a chunk missing on the bottom corner, never mind, better that it was..

    Glass is pretty scratched up...

    But the control panels are nice..!

    So, all in all pretty happy with the cab and an excellent contender for some sort or fixup.. I won't use the 'restoration' word, as restoration is beyond my capabilities..

    To be continued..

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    Very cool! does it have contact on one side?
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      nice woka

      i got a old taito cocktail PS here with -12 on it if its of any use

      its 110v also btw if that helps too
      you can always expect change in life..except from vending machines


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        Sweet WOKA, gotta be worth the agony now.
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          very nice indeed.
          -5 will work fine.


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            nice artwork on the cp


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              Hopefully it will be up and running soon! I had the pleasure of seeing this cocktail yesterday. I am suprised you were told 'Used and not great condition'. It looked in pretty good condition overall to me. The Control Panel was close to mint!


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                That green smart bomb button looks familiar,pretty sure i saw the same colour and type of button when i played the coctail version as a kidand congrats woka it looks the ducks nuts
                Wanted Taito or universal cabinet any condition dead or alive.


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                  So bloody jealous.......Great stuff......



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                    Nice WOKA. These Williams cocktails are probably the best looking cocktails imo (not next to a Track & Field of course ) .. and housed some absolute classics .. ie Defender, Robotron, Moon Patrol etc.

                    You probably already know this site ... but some helpful stuff on the Williams babies. Instruction cards for your CT as well., under the 'Defender Manuals' area.

                    Good Luck
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                      A bit more progress today..

                      Did a bit more reading today and am starting to learn a bit more about the workings of these things. Found some diagrams and worked out what voltages are coming out of the tail end of the step down transformer etc.. Got home this evening with a bit more confidence and did a rudementary plug in, looking good it all powered up, but still no sound. I've got another fully working Defender boardset so next move will be to swap out the sound boards to see how that goes. A process of elimination.

                      After seeing it all light up I decided to strip the internals.. Its pretty grubby and could do with a good clean.. A couple of pics to give you an indication of what its like..

                      Stipped it all out and gave it a good blow out and a clean. I haven't gone to town by any means, original is nice and easy But the end result is a lot more pleasing. I gave the base a light dusting with some black spray, cleaned the plastic cable holders, gave the power supply a de-dust and clean, and a wipe down etc and am satisfied with the result..

                      Its quite pleasing that the illumination in the control panels works (no pics) that is, parts of the CP are back lit, I need to get a few more bulbs to suit. Also the illumination in the coin door is all good so in all better and further ahead that I had hope for at this early stage.

                      She works and coins up - sort of.. When I coin a game up the game starts automatically and the ship goes straight to the top of the screen. Same thing happens with the CP's removed (no stuck switches) and I've also checked that there are no stuck switches on the coin door. This is where the expertise a few of you guys comes into play. Because absolutely, if its a board level fault I have no hope of fixing that..!


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                        If it is just the start of the game when the ship moves up would be checking wiring on both CP's especially the up side of the joystick.
                        Anyhow no expert here but looking forward to filling that glass top with coopers in a couple of weeks


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                          Mmmm, Coopers..!

                          With both CP's disconnected the ship just heads straight to the top.. Will board swap tomorrow / Friday as a process of illimination.


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                            Originally posted by WOKA View Post
                            Mmmm, Coopers..!

                            With both CP's disconnected the ship just heads straight to the top.. Will board swap tomorrow / Friday as a process of illimination.
                            Good move, like your logic


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                              sounds like the 6821 PIA on the widget board. its the small board the control wiring harness goes into it controls the inputs.

                              the williams boards have idc connectors. if it where my game i would

                              - replace the main power connecter to the cpu with Trifurcon connectors
                              - replace the power connector to the ram board.
                              - remove the battery holder and do the lithium button battery mod
                              - install switching power supply


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