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    Hey All,

    Out Runners is the one machine I'd truly love to own but I don't seem to have much luck finding one both in SA and for a decent price. I know where I can get a set of the CP's with wheels for $50 each and the same guy has the original header but is reluctant to sell. For all the Out Runner's machine that have been stripped and wrecked I just can't seem to track down a board. I was think about potentially buying a cheap normal racing cab (maybe single seater) and attempting to convert it.

    What do you guys think? Am I best holding off until I come across the real deal? Would it be easy to do as a quick fix? If anyone could help it'd be much appreciated.

    I'm also gonna put together a coffee table from a Spider-man playfield so will be looking for tips on restoring that.

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    Outrunners runs on the extremely hard to find Sega System 32 Multi. It was basically one board for both sides of the machine with two seperate edge connectors.

    The steering wheel mechanism uses a "shock" motor too, so it would be wise to grab those while you can. I have got one here and it was hard to come buy (also they are as heavy as hell).

    You will have to look abroad to find the pcb. They do sometimes surface on int'l ebay. I have seen a few come up in europe. Dedicated stuff is a nightmare for conversions, and once you see the guts of a dedicated sega driving cab you will know what i mean. Def, not a project for the unitiated. My advice would be just to wait for a full cab to come up.


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      Yeah I've got a couple normal System 32 boards lying around (Golden Axe 2 and Spiderman) but do actually know where I can get a Title Fight board. Probably could get it for around $50-100... but I don't see much point.

      So even if I hold off till I get a complete machine you reckon I should get those steering wheels? Mate I know what you mean bout the weight, I went to pick them and god damn! Do you reckon it'd be hard rewiring the displays on the CPs?

      I guess all I can really say is if anyone sees an Outrunners machine or board, LET ME KNOW ASAP!


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        The whole thing is why i recommend getting a full cab. If you search ebay int'l for "harness" under coin-op sometime you get lucky. The parts to build the wiring harness are available, but you need to know what you are after. This will invlove sifting through alot of tech sheets of different manufacturers. Then once you have found the part#'s its a matter of trying to find someone who sells in low enough quanitities to the public. Place like partminer etc will have the plugs, but they expect you to buy 100's at a time. This is why so many of my driving boards remain in their boxes.


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          Originally posted by Berty View Post
          This is why so many of my driving boards remain in their boxes.
          *Looks at Chequered Flag siting in its box*



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