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Post up your Arcade Cab restorations logs and pictures here

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  • Building Cabs

    hey all, not really a restoration as want to build cabs from scratch as not liking my chances of finding some of the orig ones I would like..

    Anyone have any info or sites they know that have plans for orig cabinets so I can get stuck into having a crack at making some..

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    If you go to you will see an "examples" page and can find plenty there- some have plans.

    Otherwise - I have plans for Defender and Pacman replica cabs and the artwork OR I have plans for the ultimate cabinet from 1upArcade - PM me if you want them and I will email the plans to you nect week-



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      What style do you want? 99% of cabs are LuSiD-based cabs (mine included). Otherwise you can have a go at drwaing something up in CAD that resembles a particular style you want to try and replicate. and similar sites have thousands of cabinet images. Look at them and BYOAC for inspiration. I settled on LuSiD plans because I liked the style, and it gave me heaps of room inside to play with.
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        I think you'll find these links usefull:

        Let us know what style you end up going for.

        Good luck.



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          Thanks fellas, why is there so many
          Want to do as close as possible to a ghosts & gobs and a hyper O and if I can manage to do alright then will do a commandos one...or I just take up a hobby that involves less chance of me cutting bits of me off in the process..

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            I built a USA Midway Cocktail

            I built a cocktail from plans off the net. It was a lot more work than I thought but it turned out Great. I got Galaga artwork from Localarcade and had it printed at a local printer, I also
            got an original coin door from the USA. I will take some pics when I am back in NZ.


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              Cool, look forward to seeing pics.. I got an empty table here I have to do up as well(thanks to Jumpydoctor for giving it to me) just not sure what game to throw in it.. As it will be a perm setup want to make sure I put a game in that wont bore me after a week..Bet I still manage that but.
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                Hi td

                What cab have you decided on building ...maybe we can share a few ideas on building ??


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                  After reading this thread, I am toying with the idea of having a go at this one...
                  ...looks cool enough for a MAME vertical shooter cab.
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                    Not a hundred percent sure yet dude, Have a few I would like to do from the games I have, so was looking at either commandos, ghost & goblins, hyper olympics, pacman, or galaga ( if I end up with one that might be up for sale) so would prefer one of those. But keen to try any.

                    Vertical shooter...I still using poxy ass keyboard for mame at moment...
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