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Another Project - Super Offroad

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  • Another Project - Super Offroad

    Man wanted one of these like forever! my fav game of its type

    Look forward to getting it going.

    Big thanks to Steptoe for shipping it up to me and thanks to nick2214 for helping me pick it up on his lunch break

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    Woohoo, cool game, even better with unlimited credits
    "Beer, it does a belly good!"

    Wanted: Pacman Cab Next Project: Skinny MAME Cab for Samfoot, thread soon, no really. I might even do one on my Pole Position cab!


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      Never played the Arcade version, had it in the Amiga and was one of my favorite games.

      Must kick but with that setup...

      If you ever ever sell it, me 1st dibs


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        man i use to rule this game!!! get it ready for teh mega meet mate
        Pinball Meets...I love em


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          looks heavy


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            Nice duct-tape! That original?
            BEEP BEEP Richie! They ALL float down here. When your down here with us, you'll float too!


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              Yeah NOS

              Made up a harness to test the game boards. 2 came with the cab and I've had one lying around in the cupboard for a few yers me good old mate Turbo Tom gave me.
              Ones with the cab=phoobah but the one in the cupboard works! woohoo. Hopefully the sound is ok too.

              I'll do some top and bottom board swapping to see if any of the non working game top or bottom boards are ok.
              Lots of PAL chips on this game Be sweet if the monitor worked I could take it to Stuba meet.


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                Nice pickup there AK, its one on my wanted list too, which is one less out there for me to find


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                  And you can still hold me to the bits, as they are still sitting there, on hold for you!


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                    Even though lately, BYOAC has been pissing me off, some threads are still good Artwork as well on this one!

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                      Originally posted by stuba View Post
                      looks heavy
                      Its a behemoth of a cab"huge" bigger then sydney 2000


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                        Progress update

                        Fixed up the Kortek chassis that was in the cab (found a couple of dry joints) and fired the game up.
                        Screen was a bit on the dark side and I couldn't get the vertical size small enough. Had a chat to Jomac who so kindly informed me the chassis was in fact for a 25" screen and was surprised it didnt blow up meh good enough for testing purposes until he sends me out the right one to suit a 26" Zenith tube.

                        Took a bit of fiddling but I finally figured out how to get into the test. Basically nothing worked except the nitro buttons and the Blue accelerator pedal, all steering wheels did nothing.

                        Pulling out the Steering opto boards its wasnt hard to see why.

                        Machine must have been stored somewhere damp every PCB the tracks were badly corroded topside look new though.

                        After some track repair work all 3 steering wheels now work

                        Found the bottom of the cab pulls out for easy servicing

                        This is the red player pedal, you can see the pedal cog isnt even on the pot cog, a bit of adjustment and shes all good.

                        Middle one will need a new pot. Somebody has tried using a cap to bodge fix it but its not working.

                        Kids playing What an awesome game.

                        Things to do.

                        Good clean inside and out.
                        Replace faulty POT for the middle pedal.
                        install correct chassis. Tube is good thank god, nice and clear with all colour bright.
                        Try to salvage the 2 boards that came with it, they are in pretty bad shape though.
                        Pretty happy with my progress so far kids are playing it even now I can't wait to play it with them.

                        If anybody can help me with the pot its a 5 Kohm and the shaft is approx 42mm from the end of the thread and the shaft is completely cylindrical. maybe somebody has an old pedal assembly somewhere?

                        Big thanks to Savage for his help


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                          Well seeing you have yours going I should snavel the cab down here for my own


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                            This game and Championship Sprint are both awesome - I put so much money into these as a kid.

                            Trav - didn't you already have a 2 player version and sell it or was that a different game?
                            Man cannot live with just one pinball.


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                              That was Badlands mate which is the last of the Super Sprint series.


                              No where near as fun as Super Offroad


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